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Benefits of turning three


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As you know Angus just had his third birthday.  Last evening he lay on his new fleece blankie which he hasn't even chewed the label off of yet. Leave it I said as he looked for it and mouthed it and he did!


I thought how things have changed.

No more pees or poopies in the house

No more baby gates

No more zoomies

No more lunging to end of leash when a vehicle  goes by our driveway.

Waits nice to eat. Sits to put on leash and stands quietly till I clip his harness

Quit chewing the furniture.

I can leave him loose while I'm outside for a while. 

Rides nice in the Jeep.

Meets and greets properly with other dogs. Can be taken pretty much anywhere and love to go places and meet people.

Stops barking when I ask him (as long as he gets the last woof)

I can watch a movie or tv without wondering what he is up to. He usually naps by me nowadays.

He comes when called unbelievably fast - but does not hear me at all if prey drive has kicked in.

He's practically perfect - well he did run off with a sock this morning but gave it back without any holes in. And I'm not sure I can leave pillows around yet. 


So all you folks with youngsters hang in there - like people told me when I first joined the Forum when Angus was a six month old terror cairn - they do grow up.   :halo:  :lol:  :party: 


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A well brought up pup! Now he is a wonderful companion. We have been very fortunate with Jock and now Rosie as training them was pretty easy. As the years go by you get better and better at teaching them. Patience and lots of love which obviously Angus has received has paid off in spades.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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Ditto the above. You've done an excellent job of training Angus. 



Both you and Angus deserve congratulations - you for your patience and Angus for agreeing to go along with your *suggestions*.  ;)


Yep Angus figures he will go along to keep you happy.  That is a really good dog even though they will still do what THEY want when they feel like it. :devil:

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Pegi is five and also much calmer.  Although the zoomies do reappear once in a while.  And she still freaks out barking when the trash/recycling/Fed Ex/UPS guys come!  I think of it as just doing her job....

Linda & Pegi

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Wow you make him sound like a little angel at three.  By four he will be a saint. :)  Glad Angus enjoyed his new blankie ... now, Angus, you better get to chewin' off that label and maybe put a little hole in it so you don't go totally angelic on us. :devil:  ... maybe some wheelies in that little red hot rod of yours.  We are looking forward to some good stories in the years to come.

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Good to hear that I have much to look forward to when Maisie gets to be 3-4 years old.  She's still quite the little rascal right now but she's not even two years old yet.  I do see a mild improvement is some areas and I don't want to hurry time by either, so I'll wait patiently for my little girl to grow up a little more.  Angus sounds like he's becoming quite the little gentleman. 

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