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Kelly and Prissy

Lynn in TN

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We about have things straight in the house. We now desperately need to attend to the yard. haha We have been working so hard. 

The girls are loving the new yard, although Kelly is not thrilled about the numerous baths she has had to have recently. haha You will see why when you see the video. They seem to be getting along better, this morning I thought they were join to play until the neighbor dogs came out and got their attention. 

they next door neighbor has a Boston terrier - girl name is Lucy, a Min. Schnauzer- boy name is Rosco, and the cutest little leader of their pack is a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, boy name is Ziggy. (I want to steal him) lol  Prissy isn't happy about the new neighbors (YET) Kelly wants to play with them.


We are having the most fun living here but we really need to get busy cleaning the lower part of our back yard. It is like being in woods that haven't been taken care of in a while. Piles and piles of leaves left from years before. tree limbs and saplings under growth galore, I will be starting on it some time this week. I know that Kelly will be by mysids the whole time.


I would have liked to have gotten video of them running to the woods, but me and my iPod (that's what I use to take video of them) can't keep up. I move to slow. haha  This was the best I could do so far.










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You get about as much response out of Kelly as I do Dempsy. :lol:  I always try the whistling too and I get the same results.  Kelly and Prissy are beautiful and your backyard looks like great fun for them.  They will enjoy having the neighbors for friends.  Looking forward to more stories. Congrats!

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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I have a mini tiller/cultivator and I was redoing a flower bed that had been unattended to for way to long (I now have A LOT of flower beds that have been unattended for way to long).

I cranked that thing up in the flower bed and Kelly just looked at it and looked at me. She watched it for about a minute then she jumps in front of it and started digging. I laughed so hard i wet my pants and had to change before I could finish. When I started again she did the same thing. She wasn't about to be out did by a machine. If i could teach her where to dig I wouldn't need the tiller.

She has already dug about 20  1 foot deep holes in our yard, that is saying a lot because it is hard clay.

She is getting a bath constantly. I can't let the clay dry in her fur it is hard as ceramic when it dries. You can't brush it out. I just rinse it out.

They both were venturing into the unknown woods today. I don't like it, it is impossible to watch for snakes. We have to start working on that this week. The woman that owned the place planted tons of flowers in the woods so I will pretty much be the one to clean them out. I know what not to cut. The house was rented for a year and empty for a year and no one has touched the lower half of the yard. little saplings and flowers and weeds and all kinds of wildlife. It's hard to believe that much stuff can be in .62 of an acre. only about 1/3 of that is the woods. I can't wait to see all of the maples change colors in the fall. Kelly and Prissy will love the falling leaves.


Prissy plays and lays in the shade. while Kelly digs. haha   

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It's a good thing you have helpers. With Kelly to dig and Prissy to pick up sticks you'll have the yard fixed up in no time. Looks like the perfect place for all of you. Enjoy!

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So nice of Kelly to help you get rid of that annoying grass and loosen up the soil so you can plant some more flowers.


Congratulations on the house and yard!

Who rescued whom?

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They are enjoying their new yard. Soon there will be adventures with the neighbor dogs. That is funny, Kelly isn't going to let a tiller to her work for her. Thanks for the videos, hope you get some more.

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Those videos were great. I love Prissy enjoying her new found stick and loving the grass.

Enjoy your new home

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Love the videos, isn't it nice to have a yard where your dogs can play and enjoy being outside on a lovely day.  Love the video of Kelly digging, you get about as much attention from her as I do from Maisie when she's on a mission.:)   Adorable, looking forward to more videos.  Enjoy your new yard!

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What a great place for the girls..and you! I love gardening and no doubt they both do also by rearranging your flower beds .:)

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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So nice to see Kelly and Prissy enjoying their new backyard.  I got a really chuckle out of Kelly's digging; she's just trying to help with the landscaping project.  You have two beautiful girls! 


Enjoy your new home!

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