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Memorial Day Salute

Malcolm's Dad

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Malcolm, Oscar and I salute the families who lost relatives that served our country.Today is to honor those who didn't survive during service. I think of my chat room friend who passed away earlier this year. He would send gifts to Malcolm. He served in Viet Nam and the Middle East. He retired from the military and lived a full life. Veterans Day is the day to honor him. He still deserves a mention today. Wish there were more people who think serving their fellow man is the right thing to do.


This forum, kept going by Brad, has people who serve Cairn owners with help and advice. A salute to all of you too.

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Remembering all those who served and all those we loved and lost.  It's rainy here today - which is good because it slows us all down and gives us time to reflect.

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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My (adoptive and brilliant) Dad was at Guadalcanal and Saipan.  Got sent home from the South Pacific with malaria...ended his Marine career.  His life ended with a lung condition on June 30, 1996; probably had something to do with contracting malaria...who knows?  I think about him and his guidance every day...especially on days like today.  He never minded I was not biologically related to

him.  His wife, Astrid, turns 91 today; she was more than annoyed that I couldn't be a carbon copy of her.

I was a constant irritation...she never thought that maybe people who are biologically related might

differ as well.  Every one should copy their Mother right?  She said really mean stuff the whole time I was growing up.  Stuff about nature vs. nurture.


Bottom line...Miles Lucas was a faithful and giving father.  He kinda didn't like me when I was

a teenager, but saw through stuff and understood in the end.  He gave and gave, just

like he did in the South Pacific.  He remains one of my best and only models.


I love you Miles.  Memorial Day is for You.

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Max and Nelly

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Memorial Day is such a day for reflection and gratitude. I'm humbled and frankly embarrassed by how much I've received and how little I've given. Particularly in light of so many who have given … everything. 



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