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I just love my little Ivy

Ivy & Lucy's Mom

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Cairns never cease to amaze me. They are quirky, smart and so lovable. I just wanted (maybe needed) to share today's episode. I came home at 8am after my daily workout. I always let out both dogs. Ivy ran around the backyard for about 1 minute looking for trouble- a squirrel or a chipmunk to be specific.

She returned very quickly. I said to her, "Ivy, did you even have time to go potty?" She looked at me, then cocked her head in deep thought. She was standing on the driveway. All of a sudden ( as if she said no, I didn't go potty), she squatted and went potty on the driveway. I may seem crazy but it was the funniest thing watching her in deep thought realizing that she didn't do what she was put outside to do. Why I'm sharing this, I don't know but it was hysterical....Ivy is such a character-I know that's why I love cairn terriers. They are so unique and absolutely unpredictable. I know that many (probably all) of you can relate with similar stories of their quirkiness. Tomorrow, I give thanks to my wonderful family which includes my amazing and hysterical Ivy....I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving........

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Ivy forgot. :confused1: "Oh ya. A peepee. Here it goes. There mom. I'll have to wait for a poopoo. It's not ready yet. Did you bring me a snack? That will help." They are wonderful little thinkers.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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We love hearing stories about the little rascals. They are clever. Right now Malcolm is prancing back and forth with my sock in his mouth. He isn't chewing it up. Do you remember that commercial with the boy teasing his sister? He was holding his finger close to his sister saying "I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you." Malcolm is doing the same thing "I'm not chewing it. I'm not chewing it."

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She looked at me, then cocked her head in deep thought.

That's what makes me smile with Angus, Ivy's mom.

He bends his head, almost always to the left, and stands and thinks so hard I can see the wheels going round in his head - then suddenly, off he goes to do what I asked him. Usually this is to get a toy or ball from another room.

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I love the little goofball. Today, she started barking at my daughter who is off from school until tomorrow. It's not part of Ivy's routine to have my daughter home on a weekday. She saw her from behind and just started barking, going completely crazy. I would swear she was yelling STRANGER DANGER.... When she finally realized who it was, I think she may have embarrassed herself. She got a goofy look on her face. We laughed so hard and I think she knew we were laughing at her, not with her. Their expressions are priceless.

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Speaking of going potty.

We had a covering of snow this morning - hardly anything really but the grass was white. Angus went out as usual - did the peeing bit but held off on the other till midday when the snow had melted and there were nice green spots available for 'serious business'.

H-m-m Waiting to see if he can hold it for two-three months if get a real winter this year!

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