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Young Cairns, Listen Up!


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Woof! Buffy here! In keeping with Malcolm's thread teaching our young Cairn generation the ancient secrets of Cairndom, I have an important message for our little ones.

We are now on the eve of something uprights call "The Holidays"; consisting of several major upright celebrations, gatherings and parties. Included in these celebrations is a massive quantity of food and, with the right approach, some of this bounty can be yours.

I call upon our elder Cairns to share their tips and strategies for successful begging, kitchen floor patrol and - perhaps most important - under-table positioning that yields the best tidbits.

The new pups here can benefit from our wisdom and experience. I'll start us off with a few pointers:

Hints that a celebration is imminent:

1) Uprights cleaning the house top to bottom and getting things out of that big cabinet with the dishes that nobody ever uses.

2) Candles being lit. (Don't sniff these. They will burn your whiskers!)

3) Uprights - particularly the female ones - getting books out and making lists of something called "ingredients" These are used for cooking. They will almost always result in yummy things that could fall on the floor if something - a Cairn, for example - accidentally gets in the way.

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When the festivities are in full swing, follow the smallest uprights around. They are great for dropping cookies, abandoning sandwiches, and giving you all on their plate that they'd rather not eat. Silly small uprights! They are too bedazzled by the fancy made up tree and presents to watch their food too carefully. ;)

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Plant yourself between an upright and the kitchen counter, where they will spend hours preparing a variety of culinary delights. They will eventually get fed up with you and toss a yummy morsel your way. Works every time!

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Christmas tip #6

When in the kitchen act like you have no interest. That way the upright let down their guard ... RAG ( that's secret Cairn code #1 for run and grab).

Christmas tip #7

On the day that uprights open all those paper box things, again practice RAG...they are so pre occupied with laughter and their new toys that grabbing all the colourful paper and running and ripping it to pieces goes unnoticed. :)

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Don't ignore food that was (accidentally) put in a reachable spot. Per Terrier Lover, "RAG"!

Ellie here! Boy was in luck with this! Mom put a ziplock bag of left-over turkey for Grandma and Grandpa in a box ON THE FLOOR! :w00t: She thought she hid it but my nose WORKS I tell ya! No one noticed until the grandparents were gone and Mom spotted me running through the family room for the back door with a now-almost-empty bag in my mouth. Drat! I was full after tearing a hole in the bag and scarfing most of it, so was going to ring the bell so someone would let me out to hide the rest of it. :devil: Mom made me sleep in my crate that night in case I got the scoots. Luckily I didn't get sick from all that delicious turkey! :P

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