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I have not posted pictures because i have not been home! Last week had to rank up there with the worst weeks ! my grandmother died on tuesday, my 13 year old lab had a stroke and died on wednesday, my husbands grandmother died on friday.. I had to fly to iowa last min on thursday for grandmothers funeral with my youngest, then we couldnt even go to dh grandmothers funeral because i was already gone with my youngest, our oldest couldnt miss school.. it was just a bad week and a mess of hellishness. lol now that im mback home i miss miss miss our lab.. we had a funeral and everything wednesday night but i keep still seeing her around corners. ugh. Luckily Scooter is oblivious and happy as a clam. the potty training is still going great, he is so smart! he has gotten a little bigger, and he is so much fun. I will post pictures soon i promise, :)

One awesome husband plus, 4 kids, 2 fur babies (also known as dogs!) 2 turtles and one cat = one wonderful life!!
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I am so sorry for all your losses..at so many levels, that's very hard to deal with. Thank goodness you have your,kids, one wee little Cairn, a husband and let's not forget the turtles! Take care of yourself and when you have time post some Scooter pics. Furry babies are so good for the soul.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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Such a very hard time to cope with all at once. So sorry.

Thankful that you have Scooter to be by your side (and all over the place) to help you ease the pain.

Peace be with you

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That was one wicked week - so very sorry. I think your cairn family can take backseat for as long as you need. I am glad little Scooter is there for you.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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What a horrible, horrible week -- everything all at once! So sorry you are having to deal with all of this. Too much heartache in too short a time. Glad you have Scooter there to warm your heart and make you laugh -- every Cairn's job.

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Dear one, bless you and your family. Sometimes we withstand things we didn't know we could.

Happily, we have friends and loved ones to prop us up. I hope we, here at Cairn Talk, fall into

that category.


Max and Nelly

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Thank you for all of the kind words, it was one heck of a week. As much as we miss our big chocolate lab, scooter has really helped us not to be so sad. he is a furry bundle of funny. lol potty training is still going really well and he seems to be settling in, making it feel like he has always been around. he is growing fast, and we all just love him, even my big bad dh lol.

One awesome husband plus, 4 kids, 2 fur babies (also known as dogs!) 2 turtles and one cat = one wonderful life!!
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