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Sassy Gotcha 3rd Anniversary


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Sassy and me - 3rd anniversary. Not sure who got who, but it doesn't matter as we got each other. She is the bestest dog in the whole wide world, except for all those things that won't be mentioned today :devil:

My first picture of her on Oct 24 2009


My latest picture of her last weekend.


There are no pictures of me, because Sassy hasn't learned how to use the camera yet :D

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Sassy Jan 22, 2005



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Wow, nice B&W photo!! She looks very thoughtful. Was someone standing off camera, holding a treat?

Happy Gotcha Day to both of you. A very good reason to celebrate! :magic:

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Happy Gotcha day Sassy! I am sure you're getting spoiled today...

P.S. Working the camera isn't too hard, it's holding on to it that's tricky...

Our Cairns: Attila (Sprouted 03/09/11), Tessa (Sprouted 01/14/12)

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That black and white photo is beautiful!


"as far as i am concerned cairns are the original spirit from which all terriers spring, and all terriers are cairns very deep down inside." pkcrossley

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. Sassy really appreciates them.

The "Gotcha" phrase came from someone else on this forum, so I don't claim credit for that.

Sassy doesn't know yet what I did to her photo in the other post about Dempsy's birthday. She is going to want a double bully stick just for starters to smooth things over. She will probably get it, just not all in one sitting.

About the photo: Sassy will not look at me most times when I have a camera in my face, she turns her head away. I had to put the camera off to the side of my face a little and try to frame it at funny angle, she was still being aloof, but I think it came out nice anyway. That was just her sitting in her little blow up seat booster in the car. The Queen of the car.

Sassy Jan 22, 2005



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Oh yeah!!! Dempsy there on this snap shot! The one with the eye liner, red cheeks and ruby lips kinda scared him a little, but seeing this one sent him into a pant. Happy Gotcha Day!! and Demps says, "Sassy you can get me any day!" :wub:

Sassy is just a really pretty cairn! So happy for you both.

Edited by Dempsy's Mom

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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