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Ellie, Fearghus and Fiona Playdate!


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Oh what fun! Tami is visiting from California and came to our house in Denver today! So neat to see all the shades of the 3 Cairns! They had a blast and we enjoyed meeting as well! I'm sure all dogs were tired after playing for almost 4 hours!



I have one more pic but it says it's too big to upload? Will keep trying!

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We've had our Daughter's Cairn and her Pyrenees cross for a month now and the play hasn't stopped. Morning noon and night they have been going at teach other and I have about an hour's worth of video that needs to be edited of these tussles. These Cairns play more than any dogs I have been around. Just like your pictures--chasing and rolling, jumping, wrestling around.

The dogs are going home next week and I am sure my two will be absolutely devastated when they leave. Been a great month for us--a dog lover's dream.

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Great pictures! I love the one with Fiona's paws in the air! Thanks for sharing so quickly after the play date.

You know... We could have a cairn talk meetup... We could ever so carefully calculate the best location based on everyone's position meet there and take over a dog park for a day......

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Our Cairns: Attila (Sprouted 03/09/11), Tessa (Sprouted 01/14/12)

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We had a blast! The dogs slept all the way back to Cheyenne. Fiona did very well and held her ground with Fearghus and Ellie. I took pictures but will have to wait til tomorrow to di out the cable to upload them.

Plus this morning we met Addie at the earthdog trial. Fiona was a month shy of being able to try it out but Fearghus had a go. Turns out that he has a good sense of smell and found the tunnel right away. He just didn't want to enter it. He did paw, sniff an growl at the rats once he figured out what they were. Maybe next time he'll go for it. He did try to dig into a rabbit burren here at the campsite this evening. :-)

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Love the pics! The rest of us will have to live through your two families vicariously! Cairns are just

so lovable and fun-loving. Makes me smile. (Mine got another trip to Assateague Island National Park

again this weekend. They really perk up once they hit the beach. :) )

Max and Nelly

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Okay I found the camera's cable and uploaded the pictures. Here's two of them ... Marsha already posted my favorite of the three cairn butts with tails high and proud as they trot around the garden.





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