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Took Kelly to vet for shots and limping.

Lynn in TN

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I'm a couple of months late getting her shots but my vet says better late than early so I'm late.

I just love her vet and he loves Kelly and so does all the staff that ends up following us while we are there ( telling me how cute and what a good dog she is ) haha. The vet told the attendant that was with him everything about us and didn't miss a detail, including the fact that she was my 40th birthday present, and that she was a wild one after her spay surgery. She weighs 13.5 pounds and is very healthy except for her limp.

She started walking a little funny ( when she would get up in the morning ) a couple of weeks ago. This week she started favoring her left rear leg to the point of being 3 legged at times. Some days walks and runs fine, other days not so good. She never whines or whimpers at all and when I rub her leg she acts like it's nothing. The Dr. couldn't find a tender spot either. He said her knee felt great not loose at all. He said her hip felt great too. So he has put her on an anti-immflamatory drug for 10 days and said good luck with my next instructions and chuckled, then he proceeded to tell me she can't jump, run, play, no stairs, nothing for 10 days. I said ya know how that worked out for me last time you told me that. He chuckled again and then gave her 2 shots in which she acts like nothing has happened she just looks up at him sweetly wags her tail jumps up and gives him a kiss, a smile and a wink. ( the little stinker) Hopefully it will heal.

The DH says it is so ironic that it is her left leg because she is just like you including the same bum leg ( I have arthritis in my left hip ) So she is just like me on everything including walking funny because of her left leg.

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