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Sympathetic Lola

Autumn & Lola

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I went to town today and came back 2 1/2 hours later with my hand bandaged. Lola gave me a very enthusiastic welcome home. She stuck by me like glue, as she could tell I was in a little bit of pain. She sat by my chair, followed me up to the bathroom, sat in the kitchen while I made dinner, all the while putting her paws on me, licking my leg or whatever she could reach. Even my hubby noticed the extra-special attention she was giving me all afternoon and evening.

It came time to take off the bandages. I think she felt duped when she realized that Mommy (bad, bad, mid-life crisis Mommy) didn't break her hand or sprain her wrist. She got a tattoo! Lola walked off and has been spending the rest of the evening on hubby's lap. :D

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You know she probably thought there was a treat under that bandage and was very disappointed to find out that she was wasting all that attention on you. :)

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

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I am with Lola - silly gal. I too felt sorry for you when you first started your story. All that sympathy Lola wasted - I would hope at least the tatoo was of a cairn - Lola. Very sweet story - just remember fool Lola once shame on you - fool Lola twice shame on Lola.

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Haha. I got fall leaves on a vine, with mine and my husband initials as part of the vine. Lola is mesmerized by it. :D

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Ha. She looked like she got one the other day. She had trampled through our raspberry bushes, and parts of her fur were stained red. Then this morning she trampled and rolled in a big mud puddle. Two baths in four days. LOL

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Lola obviously wanted some attention after you had had some from her!

A Westie that Holly and I meet on walks was looking rather muddy the other day - the owner wished she had a dark Cairn instead as the mud would not show! Apparently she too had been going through all the puddles and then had rolled in some mud on the field just to make sure that she was as dirty as could be!


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Oh yeah, keeping her white is HARD! I'd love if she was a brindled Cairn. Hides much more dirt. LOL! Do you know that Westie in the Cesar dog food commercials? My husband swears that they "dip that poor thing in bleach" to get it so white. :D

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