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prey drive


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What kicks in the prey drive? Is it the movement?

I took Angus to his first lure coursing class yesterday (see sporting cairn forum). We let him watch other dogs coursing for a bit but he wasn't interested. More interested other things going on with owners and dogs of various breeds.

When it was his turn at first he just smelled around the lures as the trainer flapped them back and forth a bit. Then it was like a light switch went off and he was gone after them - very intense and focused. Wow! Wish I had pics - he was like Brad's cairns in those great pics he posted a while back. Ears laid back, hair flying, in the air in his leaps and bounds.

The transformation was amazing.

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When we go to Clumber and see squirrels, Holly is not interested until they move then she wants to go after them. The same f we see a cat on local walks, if the cat just sits there she will walk past without a blink, but as soon as cat moves Holly wants after it! I have t keep tight hold on lead.

So I think I think it is the movement.


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I think it depends on the individual dog. I've owned a cairn that was sight prey driven in the past. Currently I have two, one that is scent driven and one that goes on sound and whatever the other one is doing (kind of a hunting assistant).

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