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It's Not All Just Fishing and Swimming


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It's not all fishing and swimming for Packy and Kirby. They have other work to do, too. This morning, it was off to the vet's office to get their Bordetella vaccine (we only do Bordetella when we're travelling and know that we'll be at dog parks & around unknown dogs). And since Packy has been scooting his butt around, he got to have his anal glands expressed. :shock: It seems like he has this problem about once a year. He has nice firm stools and gets plenty of "roughage," so I'm not sure what else we can do to help the problem. Anyway, that done, it was off to pick up a pallet of landscape blocks to finish up some a retaining wall project.

Dempsey's not the only one who has to supervisory responsibilities! Packy and Kirby ride around in the Ranger and tell us where to unload blocks. They also request joy rides up and down the road to see what other dogs are out and about, which is what they were doing in this picture. They like to ride around in the woods to look for deer, too. We have a huge number of deer this year, with lots of young ones that still have their spots. And they're pretty used to people around, so they just look at you and continue on with their grazing. Unfortunately, we're starting to hear about a lot of deer dying this year from hemorrhagic disease and chronic wasting disease.

Most days, Packy and Kirby knock off work by 3:30 or 4:00 so they can head out to the lake to fish and duck hunt. We've got two pair of mallards hanging around lately who really seem to like teasing Kirby. They will swim right on to shore to get the bait bread, then run and fly off when Kirb races out to chase them. These ducks are really bold and will swim within two feet of him. He's been lucky and fast enough to get some tail feathers, so these ducks better pay attention! Meanwhile, Packy just keeps fishing. We've had lots of huge carp hanging around and they will also swim up for the bait bread. The big carp drive Packy nuts and he tried to jump on them and catch them. He'll swim forever trying to see one and I have a heck of a time trying to get him to swim to shore. Sometimes I can fool him into thinking there are big fish close to shore, then I just wade in and grab him. It's getting a little chilly now to go in very far, though! Water temp is sitting at 65*. Packy will swim till the water is in the 40s, then just wade a little from shore when it's colder than that.


Leaves are starting to come down but it doesn't look like we'll have much for fall color. The cooler temps are sure nice, but the earlier sunsets seem weird still... Happy Autumn!

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Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Two happy Cairns who are obviously saying--"Put down that camera and let's get going!" How dare you interrupt a moment of motorized Terrierism with an electronic device! There are Duck butts to chase and fish to catch!

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Dempsy thinks that maybe his supervisory skills could also be of benefit when visiting Packy & Kirby. Demps say we can bring the Gator and they can have their Ranger and we can have lots of fun in the woods and doing other chores. .... and mom? They get to knock off at 4 and go to the lake - that sounds like something we should do. .... and mom ... Packy could teach me how to fish.

Love the update of their lives and the pic. So cute.

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Great photo of two happy dogs!

Holly does not believe in working and would rather sleep the day away but today as it has ben raining she has supervised me doing the chores!


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