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Anyone else do this?


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Lol, Okay, first off I Do wash my hands after I do this.

Sometimes fonzy likes to get his ears scratched, I know this might sound really gross, but it's not, lol.

But sometimes I clean out his ear with my finger really slowly and go in circles back and forth, while I do this, (I only do it at night) Fonzy's eyes roll to the back of his head like he is heaven, LOL!!!

I Only do it for a couple seconds really gentle, because if you do it longer it might hurt.

But as far as I know, fonzy loves it, lol. Once a night, I do it, go wash my fingers after too. Fonzy loves it.....now anyone else do this? I know it might sound sick, but the ears of the cairns are not that dirty. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

It's so cute to watch his eyes just roll back in his head like he's gone to heaven.

I do the same to my cat too, kid loves it rofl

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Yes I do and I let the dog clean up the wax from my finger. If you watch any dog, they will use their hind foot to reach up in the ear canal and clean it and then will immediately smell then lick the foot. I have assumed that the dogs do this as sort of a check or monitor of their ears and the condition of the canal and so, I treat them to a more complete and more in depth check by using my finger. Same as eating eye gunk--dogs are a lot more willing to let you pick that mess off if they get dibs on it so, it is Bon Appetite for them when I inspect and clean!

They seem to enjoy a good inner ear scritch and so....!

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I've never even thought to do this, because quite frankly, I'd puke. :D

I don't even like to look at a q-tip after I've used it!!

But by all means, carry on since it doesn't bother you and obviously Fonzy loves it.

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I've never even thought to do this, because quite frankly, I'd puke. :D

My sentiments exactly!

But when I do pick off a tick (or what I think is a tick) Zekey has to immediately examine it. He'd probably eat that if I let him!

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You know what, I just had one of those "slap yourself on the side of the head" moments when

I was watching Teddy give Olie what we call an "ear bath". Among the three of my pups, they

all do that for one another. It's a very deliberate and thorough licking inside the ears.

I wonder if, in the canine world, that's common behavior in a pack?

Max and Nelly

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It's a very deliberate and thorough licking inside the ears.

I've never seen my 2 do this, but 2 of my CATS used to do this all the time. Forgot all about it!

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well...I'm in there with you Newman. I will roll my finger around the outer part of the ears and Layla loves it also. She is then quick to smell my finger and will lick whatever might be there. She is instantly curious about any part of her body that I might be examining and immediately alert to what might be found. One thing Layla absolutely loves is my facecloth. I will wash my face and rinse the cloth off and look down and there will be Layla waiting for me to hang it on it's rack (which is just within reach of her face) and she will immediately stand underneath it and lick it to death. Needless to say, once that is over, it's then dried and washed and another brought out for the next time.

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Husband and dog missing ...25 cents reward for dog

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