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A new fur kid!

Sam I Am

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Well we did it... put our deposit down on a pup. A little girl born two days ago. My DH lost his Scottie girl two yrs ago and misses her and the antics of a Scottie very much. We were going to get another Cairn, but I have my Jock ( and he truly is my dog) and I know my DH wanted another Scottie so a Scottie it is! After all they are related to Cairns... and they are terriers :)

Anyway I do have my concerns. Jock is 11 1/2 yrs old, a bit of a grumpy old guy, doesnt care for most dogs except a couple of female terriers that live in our area. I am really feeling quilty that he wont accept the pup and then what? Will he be miserable, will he get sick will he.... well you get the picture. I love Jock like he is my kid but am I putting to many human emotions into the whole thing? Will the pup drive him mental? So many unknowns as I have never brought a pup into the house with a senior dog. We will be taking an eight hour drive to another province and Jock will be coming along. I think, at least I hope that when we crate the pup to bring her back to Alberta that the drive back the next day with Jock lying beside her in the back of the car will give him time to get to know her a bit before we get to HIS house. Would love to hear other experiences good and bad and what did you do to solve it.

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Our limited experience ... we got Dundee when Haggis was 14, almost 15. No problems at all. Haggis basically ignored Dundee for a couple of days, and then tolerated him very well all the way til the end.

Dundee *adored* Haggis, and Haggis even played gently a few times with Dundee (although he was pretty slow-moving by the end). Mostly though I would say he was generally aloof from puppy antics.

Echo was (counts on fingers) 9 when we got Dundee. She played with him then and plays with him still, at 11+. She plays with Dundee far more than Stella does ... I think Stella resents Dundee somewhat for taking over the role of 'puppy' in the house. She's 8 and hardly a senior.

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Congratulations on the birth of your new pup! I think terriers of all types tend to do well together. Fearghus always wants to play with the other terriers at daycare whenever he goes. There's also a wire fox terrier bitch in our neighborhood that we see sometimes on walks .. they seem to be fond of each other and want to play.



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Idaho Cairns

Congratulations--Scotties are wonderful little dogs with enough "Cairness" in them that it should be fun around your place. In my also limited experience we brought Sammi into our home when our beloved Tootsie was around eleven years old and there was absolutely no problem. In fact the high spirited Sammi seemed to revitalize Toots who we believe was still grieving from the loss of a companion dog four months earlier.

Until age ravaged her a couple of years later, Tootsie had a lot of fun with Sammi and her antics, joining in the chasing and faux fighting, the running, the walks--it was fun to watch.

If your experience is as positive as ours was then you have nothing to feel guilty about--matter of fact you may be on the verge of giving Jock the best possible gift.

Here is a picture of Sammi scrapping with Toots on the couch--they were happy dogs together until the day Toots left us.


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Congrats!! I think is should go fine. We got Bailey when our westie was about 12+ and went very well, so 2 years later we tested it even more and brought home Radar when she was 14 and still it was fine. I noticed Casey (our westie) ignored them when they came into the home. Radar (our true TERRIER) did test her a few times and she told him in her own way to 'back off' and he respected her. He and Bailey would play and wrestle and maiden queen would walk into the middle of it and tell them off and then go off to bed. It was commical.

I think both Bailey and Radar could tell that Casey was not alway doing well and they seemed to be compassionate toward her.

From L to R: Radar, Casey and Bailey


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My Mother has always said the secret to staying young is to be around children all the time. I believe the same is true with dogs and pups. I have seen older dogs that lay around all the time and then a pup is brought in and all of the sudden the older dog is running, jumping and playing again. In my limited experience nothing but good came out of bringing a pup into a home with an older dog.

I am so happy for you, and can't wait to see pictures. It is going to seem like forever. I will be counting the days.

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I agree with Lynn. This is not about dogs, but about cats, in my experience. I brought home a cat when I was 17. When Ebony was 14, my sister brought home a kitten. Ebony was *ticked off*. She ignored her for a couple months, then started fighting with her a little bit. However, once Ebony got over her jealousy (about 6 months), they got along well. I really think it gave Ebony a new lease on life. She had just been moping around and sleeping most of the time before Chloe arrived. Then once they started getting along, Ebony was running around the house and jumping and playing again. This continued for 6 more years before she passed at nearly 20 years of age.

Congrats on the new pup!

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We got Packy when our first Cairn, Willie, was 15 yrs. old. It was just fine. When Packy bugged him just a little too much with his puppiness, Willie would just give a little growl and Packy knew to back off. But then, Willie played with Packy quite a bit, too. They got along just great. Just make sure Jock stills knows he's got a place, giving him just as much attention at the new puppy. Introducing them away from the home always seems to help, too. Have fun!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Oh I would be so excited (mind you hubby wouldn't) but looks like fun days ahead. Now all WE have to do is wait. I bet the naming process has already started. I'm sure Jock will eventually accept the puppy and they will become best buds.

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I have never had a puppy, but I can tell you that when I brought home Dempsy at 1, Digger, who was 10 then - she ignored Dempsy. Then slightly accepted him, soon they played and what I noticed most was that Digger came alive a little more. Digger started to act younger - so I think that is true - the young keep you younger. So don't be surprised if you see a little extra spark in Jock and he will let her know when he is tired. Tell Jock to rest up and congrats - can't wait to meet her.

PS - Bailey, Casey and Radar are adorable together.

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