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Boo coming home neutered today


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Half hour til I get to pick him up.

It only takes me 5 minutes to drive to the vet, so I figured I would write a bit about Boo to fill the time.

He's been so wonderful. I really didn't research Cairns before getting Boo, so it has been a total surprise and adventure. The family has become quite attached. Boo sleeps in the bed with us now.

Waiting on his treat from Starbucks Drive-Thru

2012-08-01 08.54.33.jpg?size=1280x960

Chewing Bullystick - completely unaware of his pending neuter.

2012-08-01 08.49.17.jpg?size=1280x960

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I think he's lost 3 of his baby teeth so far. Last weekend we were at a friend's and he got to play with their deer-chihuahua mix... By the end of the night, I checked his grill, and he had 3 red dots where it looked like there should be teeth. I'm going to ask the vet about it when I pick him up. New teeth already started growing in so I think he's ok.

I'm really curious how/if his behavior will change after the surgery. He can get pretty rowdy but he's a quick learner and lets me control him easily.

Its cute. When he misbehaves, i'll growl or bark at him, and he flattens his ears down and starts licking me.

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How do I comfort him now? He knows I sent him to the lady in the blue suit. He knows she took his balls and now he's in pain. He's started to dart away from me now. Guarding his food in a very un-Boo like manner.

He won't cuddle on the bed with me either. Just whines until I put him on the floor. Doesn't even want to be in the same room with me. :(

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Idaho Cairns

We have never used a cone and our dogs have always left their incisions alone so if your little guy isn't overly interested in the spot, I would forego the shield.

Dogs do not reason like humans, don't carry grudges, and certainly don't go thru pangs of regret for losing their juvenile sex organs so I wouldn't ascribe any of those feelings to the dog--now, you may be guilty for putting him thru the pain and "embarrassment" of being neutered but I wouldn't let that guilt blow back in my face to the point that I was thinking for my dog. He is probably confused and experiencing some discomfort and that's what you are seeing reflected in his behavior. A day or two and he will be back to normal.

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He's back to good ol normal Boo. Chewing socks, chasing tail. Flipping for belly rub instead of running off like I kicked him. Wants to run and jump and be excited. Doesn't seem aware at all that his ticles are gone.

In other news, WA finally getting a piece of the heat wave. 100° and my a/c just can't keep up. Boo's laying on the glass bottom of my tv stand to stay cool, and eating lots of ice cubes.

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Thanks for the update. :thumbsup: It's good to know that Boo is back in action!

P.S. I wasn't able to open your pix of Boo at Starbucks or with bullystick. Anyone else have this problem? If so, can you reload the photos?


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