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Where to get papers for my cairn?


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I really want to go to this http://www.cascadeco...les/CCC0812.pdf

But I need a registration number for cairn!!! And unfortunately the breeders killed their kids and themselves weeks after we bought fonzy. (So there is no way to get these papers, that I know of) Do you think the state might have these papers somewhere for my dear fonzy? Can I go to the vet and can they do a diagnosis on him and get him papers?

Please help, thank you

I don't want to spend thousands or hundreds either, there has to be a plausible way to do this :(

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Idaho Cairns

Nick, the answer to your question is in the form you posted. You apparently do not need to have an AKC registration form--you may be surprised that MOST Cairns are not "registered" as many breeders do not provide registration or the permission to register with the dogs they sell.

"If you have a mixed breed dog or a dog that is otherwise ineligible for

AKC registration, you can enroll the dog with the AKC Canine Partners

listing. You can enroll your dog at the test site by completing the Canine

Partner form in this premium. The payment for this must be a separate

check payable to American Kennel Club which we will submit with your

entry form. Canine Partner forms are also available on AKC’s website at


How to use Test Entry Form"

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Hmm, looks like I might do that, hopefully it's not to much $. I just want to see my cairn chase a lure! haha. I Want to bring my mom and sister with me too, and snap so many photo's of fonzy! Hopefully this works out, Thanks you just saved me a huge headache :D

Hopefully they don't judge me and think he is a mix just because I don't have papers :( :( not my fault the breeders killed themselves :twisted: (no pun)

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Idaho Cairns

Nick, the referenced statement implies that the organization running this event permits mixed breed dogs so whatever their opinion is of your Fonzy is not a problem. I would print those "Canine Partner" forms up and get The Fonz involved.

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What Idaho said :)

If Fonzy was from the facility I read about in Roy/Eatonville, and you don't already have his registration papers, like you say there may not be any way to resolve that with a normal registration.

Fortunately there are alternatives for AKC registration: APC and PAL. Like Idaho says, the ACP program looks like the fast track to coursing.

AKC Canine Partner

Looking at the ACP (AKC Canine Partner) form, you can reference Cairn Terrier as Dog type by entering 207 in that place on the form. That won't register him AS a Cairn Terrier, but does say you believe him to be one. The ACP is the fastest and easiest method available, and it would allow you to do coursing ability tests as well as enter obedience, rally, agility. Fun stuff!

The Coursing Club event packet says you can submit the form with your entry so you can run on the day of the test, even before the AKC processes your application. They will send the form on to AKC afterwards. It will cost you $35 for the registration (check payable to AKC, a one-time fee) along with the entry fee for the coursing test ($25 each test on the day, payable to the event-giving club.) $60 is a lot that first time, but from then on it's just the cost of the event entry fee.

Purebred Alternative Listing

The only thing other Cairns can do that you could not do with Canine Partner is earthdog, since that requires being registered specifically as a purebred Cairn Terrier. That type of registration is called PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing). PAL registration also costs $35, but is more complex and time-consuming to obtain. You'll need to take specific types of photographs and submit them to the AKC for evaluation, etc. If you go that route the coursing club can't do anything for you ... you'll have to wait until you get a ruling from AKC on your application and a PAL number from AKC. Later, with that number, you can then enter anything any neutered Cairn Terrier can enter.

If Fonzy were mine, I'd go the Canine Partner route and let him run. You might also really enjoy teaching Fonzy basic obedience and the Novice Rally exercises. Rally can be a lot of fun and rewarding for both you and your dog.

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Thanks for the information Idaho and Brad!

Sending off little miss Addie's Purebred Alternative Listing today so she can start getting involved in earthdog!

Well, that is if she passes muster as a purebred Cairn.


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"as far as i am concerned cairns are the original spirit from which all terriers spring, and all terriers are cairns very deep down inside." pkcrossley

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