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Bringing home a new Cairn Terrier mix, need some advice


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I am in the process of adopting a ~1 year old Cairn Terrier mix from the humane society. They do not know what the mix is so I figured I would come to the Cairn club to get some info and share my journey.

He is pretty hairy, probably hadn't been washed much, and could use some tlc. He was at the humane society for a month before we adopted him. He will be getting neutered this week and then we bring him home.

I'm hear to ask what my options are for grooming? Like I said I don't know the mix but it seems he has a hard coat it's just getting long. Then again they don't know when he was last washed so could I just wash him up and maintain that "fluffy" look. Or will he pretty much look like is when he is washed?





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Really hard to know with a mix as the coat could turn out to be anything. Just from the pics though, he looks plausibly double-coated and may well strip out like any Cairn. Is his coat in real life sort of cream colored (maybe tending toward toasted marshmallow) versus pure white?

I would be tempted to yank a few hairs to see if that's just a blown coat. If it's a Cairn coat, it can also be fully hand-stripped (if you care to expend the effort) or be maintained with some combination of raked (with something like the Mars Coat King) and scissored. Cairns are optimally stripped, but obviously many are clippered and manage to get through life just fine. If he has (and maintains) healthy skin, there may be no reason not to clipper him as an easy-care option.

Again, hard to tell from the pictures/angles, but it looks like he might be a dwarf? He sure looks like a happy fellow. Good luck and have fun with him.

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Thanks for the reply. Some good info. Once I get him I'll check the coat alittle closer

He definitely is not pure white. Toasted marshmallow describes it perfectly.

He definitely is happy and I'm so excited to get him home. He was so quite and to himself when inside the humane center but once you get him outside he is so wonderfully happy.

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What a cute little guy! You'll probably just have experiment with the coat. No matter what his coat might be, he looks like a bundle of fun. Enjoy him.

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:) He is a cutie. That little pug nose surely isn't a cairn nose. Congratulations on your adoption - he is a happy little guy. Yup, it looks like you will have to experiment on his coat. He certainly has alot of coat.

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Idaho Cairns

I'm guessing that there is a bunch of Shih Tzu in this dog and if that is the case then a regular clipper cut will probably suffice. You could strip this dog but there's so much hair it would be brutal for both you and the dog to pull it all out. Cute little guy--I actually like the face--a great combo between Shih Tzu and a Cairn.

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Aww, what a cutie pie! He looks like a keeper. I'll bet he can't wait until he's finally home.

I've adopted 2 shelter dogs. I don't think I ever gave Zekey a bath -- he appears to be self-cleaning. A good brushing takes care of him, and I like his scruffy look, so that's it for grooming.

Gavin was a little stinky when I brought him home, so he let me bathe and brush him. I'd like to get him some more grooming though.

Check out the different grooming options -- you could get the full works, or just a "neatening up". You'll also be amazed what a good brushing can accomplish.

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