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Peeing in front of pee pads?

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My little Rosie, 6 mos, was doing so well on the pee pads, until we had to go out of town, and she stayed with my parents for a weekend. Since then, she has been walking up to the pee pads, looking at them, and peeing directly in front of them? She will still go outside just fine for me, but I have the pee pads down as back up in case she just gets the urge. I thought it might be a smell thing, so I pushed the pads forward, towards where she was peeing...nope, she's acting more visual. Peeing just in front of the pads, still.

I tried to ask for advice on yahoo answers, however, my question was immediately interpreted that I could not care for her/should get rid of her/be put in a home that would be better for her. It's not the case at all. Ha, I've just never seen a pup pee in front of a pad before, and do it almost habitually. Any suggestions?

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I would take the pad up and only take her outside if it were me. I believe that most dogs prefer to potty outside. You will still have accidents I am sure but if you keep her on a schedule of going potty outside and keep her in a crate when you are asleep,or can't watch her, then soon she will be going outside. In my limited experience it confuses young dogs doing both at the same time. I hope that helps and I am sure others will give their advice too. The people on this forum are wonderful, and have helped me numerous times. Good Luck!

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Agree with Lynn in TN.

I did not use pee ads with Angus. He was able to go all night - 8 hrs - in his crate from when I first had him at 10 weeks. The rest of the day I took him out frequently and although we had some accidents inside he very soon preferred to go outside. By the time he was six months old he asked to go out.

Also agree keep Rosie close by you all the time or confined when you have to leave her. You will learn the signs when she needs to go. Good to give lots of praise when she goes outside. Zip lips and clean up any mess inside. She won't associate correction with what she did unless you catch her in the act. In that case say no and take her out side at once.

You'll get lots of really good help here on this wonderful site. Lots of fun and sharing stories about our little terrors :devil: No, I mean our little sweethearts :D

Also we LOVE pictures so please send us some.

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Nothing to add that hasn't already been said, just want to welcome you to the forum. This is definitely the place to go for whatever type of Cairn info you need!

By the way, we'd love to see pics of Rosie. :)

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yes sounds like rosie has turned it into a message pad instead of a pee pad. change it up, and perhaps move away from pads altogether. might also be a good idea to keep her out of that room for a couple of weeks, she might think the message works just as well without the pad.

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Ha thanks everyone! I do like the idea of taking the pads up all together! I may try that! I'm putting a pic of my Rosie on here! Ha she's my babe!


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Idaho Cairns

Gorgeous little girl and she looks like she is way smart enough to figure out housebreaking. I agree with all the comments above--time to pick up those pads, clean completely the area where they were--your Rosie has graduated, she's a big girl now, ready to go outside all the time.

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