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Hey! That's my heating pad

Malcolm's Dad

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I caught the cold that has been going around and pulled a muscle in my back from all the coughing and sneezing. So out comes the heating pad. I planned on laying on the couch with the pad underneath my back. It worked out well for a short time.

Then I had to get up. I come back and you know who is on the heating pad. I told him "Hey that's my spot move". No way. He gave me that look like "Are you talking to me"? I said "Yes I am talking to you, move". He just put his head down.

Malcolm is warm enough as it is. He doesn't like to be covered with a blanket. If I put a blanket over him he will get up and lay on top of the blanket. But since I was on the heating pad he figured he should be on the heating pad too.

Ok I will have to move him then. Not an easy task. This dog has an amazing ability to turn into a blob of jello. I try to lift him up and he goes totally limp. Pick up the front end, the back end droops. Pick up the back end the front end droops. My back is in some pain, I couldn't keep this up.

Ok, its going to cost me to get the heating pad back. I go in the kitchen and as soon as I open the treat jar there is a wagging tail right behind me. I throw the treat in the bedroom and head for the couch. The price wasn't that high, only one treat to get the heating pad and my spot on the couch back. It was worth it.

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Oh, no - you caught it too! I hope you're not too miserable. :( Tell Malcolm that you're sickly, you need the heating pad and his job as a Cairn is to cuddle next to you and nurse you back to health.

I know . . . it didn't work with Buffy, either. :confused:

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Well at least you only got the blob routine! I get the little growls and dirty looks. Jock always makes a hasty journey onto the warm laundry when it comes out of the dryer. He will actually climb into the laundry basket and turn around and around to make a nest. These Cairns sure have it rough :whistle:

Hope you feel better soon... drink lots of warm home made chicken soup!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

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