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Dog (and people) health alert!


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Here is a shortened version of a disturbing report printed on cairnrescue.com:

Thursday, July 29, 2010 09:44 PM

The Columbus Dispatch

Lake's toxic algae might be killing pets in Ohio, other states affected by blue-green algae too

At least 3 dogs dead, 9 humans ill

State and local health officials are investigating reports that at least nine people have become ill and at least three dogs (a rat terrier, labrador & golden retriever) have died after coming in contact with the toxic blue-green algae choking Grand Lake St. Marys, Ohio which has long been considered one of Ohio's most polluted bodies of water, largely because of manure and fertilizer runoff from nearby farms. Cyanobacteria, more commonly called blue-green algae, feed off phosphorus in the manure and fertilizers. A round of tests released today again found microcystin, a liver toxin, and a neurotoxin called anatoxin-a.

Similar algae problems are popping up in public and private lakes across the state, including Burr Oak, Indian and Buckeye lakes.Pet deaths have been linked to blue-green algae in other states, including Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Vermont and Missouri, according to the Ohio EPA.

The owner of a 2 yr. old cairn terrier reported that the dog has been vomiting since it drank some lake water a couple days ago.


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Oh great. Another thing to worry about. We have a lagoon in our park. I won't let Malcolm near the water. If he doesn't take a drink I know he will jump in, he loves water. And that water is not clean at all. Thanks for posting this, I wouldn't have known.

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Yeah. We had that problem here in South Dakota a couple of years ago in hot dry weather. I was up in the hills that year and the water was the strangest color - nothing was coming in to keep it fresh - just keep your dogs out of and away from the water ponds during these times. It was just the weather in our case. It has nothing to do with feedlots or fertilizer run off.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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We've got it in our local lake here in Centralia KS. Max has never been out there but I'm glad for that now. There's not to be any human contact with the lake water and for right now fish caught at the lake are not to be eaten

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Our lake is tested weekly since it's such a popular vacation spot. Where we're located, we rarely have trouble but periodically they do have high levels of e-coli in some public beaches and close them down. So sorry for those families and dogs that got sick!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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