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Have you had your Cairn Cupcake today?


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I got this off the cairnterriertalk UK site. There is actually a recipe for these cairn cupcakes as well and the comments were that they tasted very good!

Might be nice for a cairn birthday. :party: If anyone wants the recipe/assembly instructions, respond to this post and I'll print it here.

Also included was the "Hello Cupcake!" book which was the inspiration. It's available at Amazon:




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OK Autumn&Molly, Here are the recipe and directions:

The cakes are simple victoria sponge cupcakes, using regular sized cake cases and the same number of mini/petit fours size. Recipe is 2 eggs and then that same weight in butter, SR flour and caster sugar plus a half teaspoon of vanilla extract. If you prefer chocolate, substitute 1-2 tablespoons of flour with cocoa powder. Mix well and bake in a moderate oven. Mini cupcakes take 5-8 minutes, bigger ones 12-15.

Mix up a batch of buttercream (8oz icing sugar to 4 oz butter plus 1 tablespoon milk). Beat well. I use special icing colouring gels to tint the icing and through recent experimentation I've found you can mix a bit of black into it to create a grey brindle colour or a small amount of ochre to make a wheaten. The trick is not to over mix it so it becomes one solid shade.

Put in an icing bag and using a leaf tip, apply icing all over the surface of the bigger cupcakes, creating a 'shaggy' coat effect. Smaller cupcakes: slice the bottom off a mini marshmallow and 'stick' it in the centre to create a muzzle. Apply icing in same way (or you could spead it evenly and then rough up the surface using a fork). Tint sugarpaste red, roll out thinly and cut out 'tongues'. Stick into the icing just under the muzzle. Tint some sugarpaste black and make tiny bead 'eyes' and a nose. Finally tint some sugarpaste the same colour as the coat - or pink for light coloured dogs, roll out thinly, cut little triangles for the ears and set in place. Finally mount the 'head' on the body using a bit of icing to bed it into.

(What I do is weigh 2 eggs and if for instance they each weigh 2oz, I'd weigh out the same amount ie 4oz of self raising flour, 4oz softened butter and 4oz caster sugar. Add a half teaspoon of vanilla extract and beat together with an electric mixer. Any Victoria sponge or cupcake recipe you find online through google would work fine - or you can buy ready baked, un-iced cupcakes in supermarkets. BBC recipe finder(online) is fantastic too).

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I found this book at Target last night, it was 14.99 and I had to get it. they actually have in the book 'westies' cupcakes and directions to make 'colored westies' which are little different looking that the cover photo- I'll scan and post later this evening.

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Colored Westies? Peeshawwww!!! Those are Cairns if I every saw one. Cute, cute cupcakes. I'll have to make some.

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