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Liz, you need something cute in your picture...

Liz in PA

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LOL this made me chuckle...Angel did something similar once. lol when I first moved in my apt that I live in now I took some photos of my place for my cousin b/c she wanted to see it and b/c she lived so far she probably wouldn't be able to visit. I went back and looked at all the photos and Angel sat and posed and every one of those photos....I didn't even noticed that she did that until after wards. I think she was like maybe 4 months old at the time.


Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Carlotta Monterey O'Neill

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I appreciate all the comments!

I'm just glad I have something to post for a change. I read and laugh over posts every day, but Hogan isn't very naughty/funny, he's just the best dog ever, how boring is THAT! Plus he HATES cameras, except apparently if HE'S not the focus. Now I know...

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That photo is just begging for a funny/intriguing caption. I wish I were creative enough to think of a good one! :lol:


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