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Do we add another?


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We've been tossing around the idea of getting another Cairn for a while now. There have always seemed to be a "good" excuse, buying a house, getting married, vacations planned, etc. Well the excuses have run out, we finally have the time to spend with a puppy! My worries are...

How will Trotter, who's almost 5, take to a puppy? He loves them at the dog park, but knows we always leave them.

Will it change his personality? The thing I love the most about him is his attitude. He's confident, funny and knows exactly when Mommy has had enough, or needs a little extra loving, he's perfect (most of the time). Will another dog make him think we don't love him anymore (dumb I know), but it's one of the things that worries me the most. Trotter really does run our house. He's not dominant, but has a few things he doesn't like his "cousins" to play with...like Mr. Bear, or Frog and these little toys that we call the Uglies.

We found a breeder with a liter due in June. Then the question is do we get a female or male? Any thoughts will help! I just want to do the right thing for Trotter...

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I think it all depends on your current boy. I know Jock does not tolerate any male dogs at all... but thinks little terrier girls are the best thing since sliced bread. :P

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

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I have one male Cairn Terrier and a female Westie. Benny was two when I added Sally to the household. He had always loved other dogs and so I figured that he would love having a sister.

Benny hated Sally for the first week or so. During the three hour car ride home was was growling at her and pretty mad. That first night he did not even want her in the same room as him. Slowly over the next week he warmed up to her. By about a week after I got Sally things were all good in my house. Benny and Sally have become best friends and they are inseparable. I took Benny to the groomer today and when I came home from dropping him off Sally was clearly wondering where her brother was. She did not even want to go on a walk. (she just sat at the end of the driveway looking all around and wimpering...it was too cute)

Here are some things that will help ease the transition for Trotter. First, make sure that he knows he is still number one in your eyes. Feed him first, greet him first when you come home from work, make a point of spending cuddle time with him, give him the treat first, etc... Second, don't be surprised if he throws a fit at first. Let him get mad, let him protest the new puppy, and let him warm up to the puppy.

I truly believe that dogs are happier when they have a companion. And besides, who doesn't love the perfect excuse to get another puppy? :)

The world revolves around Benny and Sally...or so they think!

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Idaho Cairns

"Will another dog make him think we don't love him anymore (dumb I know), but it's one of the things that worries me the most."

Categorically and emphatically--no, your current dog will not "think" you don't love him--heck, he won't even know who is responsible for the new dog showing up!!! If he can't figure out "who or why" he's not liable to "blame" anyone.

We have always had two Cairns, always of different ages--as one passed away, we replaced it with a puppy and that practice has stood us in good stead.

We believe the younger dogs model on the older dog's behavior--so if your current dog is well mannered, in all probability, the new dog will follow suit.

I believe Cairns, because they are so active and so rambunctious in personality, need a companion to keep them occupied. Our girls interact constantly, sparring with each other, watching "squirrel television" thru the slider together, meeting and greeting other dogs together--all very social.

During the short periods of time we have only had one Cairn the dog seemed lethargic and bored to me but that may well been my imagination working overtime. I can't imagine only having one Cairn in the house.

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