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Daddy's little helper

Malcolm's Dad

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When I come home from grocery shopping I park in the garage and unload the car. Malcolm likes to run into the garage, hop on the back bumper and then into the trunk. He inpects everything and walks all over the bags so I've learned not to leave potato chips or bread in the trunk or bring it in first.

This afternoon I'm putting the groceries away and I thought, hmmm, I'm sure I got bagels. I look and Malcolm isn't sitting there watching the counter with great interest like he usually does. Figure I better go look in the yard.

There he is such a happy little dog, tail wagging and tearing through a bag of bagels. I wanted to scold him, but he looked so thrilled. He was having such a good time. I laughed and said "Ok, you got an extra special treat this time, but don't think you are getting it again".

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Malcom's no dummy, he knows where the good stuff is!. Sounds like Dad makes foraging for food pretty easy. :)


Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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I'll bet the bagel fit in his mouth perfectly. I will have to give Nena one outside just to see her fun running with her new prized possession. What a blast. too cute!!!!!!!

cairn terriers leave pawprints on our lives
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I give Holly an occasional raw chicken wing for breakfast and last week I bought another pack of frresh ones and I was putting individual ones into little plastic bags for the freezer when one shot out of my hand - right across room. Holly was outside in garden at time but she must have heard/smelt it as before I could get to it - a streak of fur got there and she picked it up and dashed outside. Holly then walked round garden with the wing in her mouth looking very pleased with herself for getting it before me!! :whistle:

So that day she had a extra meal ........... but she got less kibble for dinner that evening! :thumbsup:

Bet Malcolm thought Dad had been very kind to him!

[i do watch when she has the raw wing to ensure that she does not try to swallow it! so normally she has it inside so that I can keep an eye on her but she played with it outside before devouring it with a few crunches! I will have to be more careful when I get some more]]


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They never miss the opportunity to snatch a treat.

I had an early Easter dinner for my family yesterday and while in the middle of everything I had left a couple of raw carrots in the bag on a low table and Bailey and Casey ripped apart the bag and were feasting on carrots until my daughter found them. Partners in crime!

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Hairy doesn't swipe food, but we made the mistake of buying a game for him in which you hide treats in some of the hiding places and not in others supposed to challenge their logic and intelligence. He loves the game (Dog-E-Logic). So much that he annoying will go find where we have hidden the game and two things are accomplished - he gets to have fun and treats at the same time.


Hairy's Dad...

Hairy Putter



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These little guys are just SO helpful. Once I unloaded groceries and dumped several bags of them on a chair while I went to check the mail. Big mistake! When I returned, Zekey was happily munching his way through my dinner - an Italian hoagie that was all wrapped and taped up. So, I cut off the end that had been gnawed, and ate the rest!

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Whenever DH and I pick up some take-out for dinner, Buffy & Ziggy like to come along and test their bag-opening and french -fry-snagging skills. You don't realize how far their little necks can stretch until you see them subtly trying to get their noses into the bag on the front seat from their position in the back seat. :P

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