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Are male dogs more 'boyish'?


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Ok so my sister adopted a male husky at Christmas and this is their (her and bil) first male dog. She has been talking alot lately about how 'boy' he is. Like he's messy when he pees. He smells more. He looks more boy. I don't know if this makes any difference but they don't have any kids and I secretly think they think my son is from Mars, lol. Anyway, I started to wonder if Tuk-tuk is more 'boyish'. Well, he's not messy when he pees. LOL! And I think all dogs smell like, well, dogs. I've been looking really hard and Tuk so see if he looks more boy than female dogs, and when we went to the dog park I tried to see if I could tell a difference in stance and attitude...but I couldn't. My boy cats have been more comical than my girl ones, and are not as dainty...but their cats not dogs. Tuk is my first male dog so this is hard and I only have him, my sister has two huskies a boy and girl. I guess now I need a girl Cairn to see the difference! :lol:

So I wanted to ask if anyone else has had my sister's experience. Between male and female dogs, are your boys more boy? I know that female Cairns tend to be more independant than males, but I talking more about 'boyish' behaviors like hitting the toilet seat kinda stuff.

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You know when it comes down to it I find that males are more affectionate than females in general. I've had both male and females who lifted legs or just squated.... so it's up in the air! LOL

I will say that i've had the least amount of issues with male dogs.... females i've had fights before.

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No, I have had males and females and have never noticed males being more "messy" or smelling more than females. In fact, our Cairn, Murphy, is always very careful not to stop in his pee outside. After he does his business, he does this little modified bunny hop to make sure his feet don't touch it!! He is one funny--and affectionate--little dog! :D

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Honestly I don't really think it's a male or female thing I think it really depends on that particular dog and their personality. all the males I have had before have been "all boy". Scotty doesn't care if he get dirty and rolling around stinky stuff. He doesnt seem to care if he ran where he just peed at all. He usually kicks a ton on grass on me after he goes unless we do this running circle to keep him run kicking dirt and grass on us. All the female dogs I have owned have been more affectionate. Harri didn't really care about being messy or any thing. Angel it really depends on her mood. lol


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Malcolm does the weirdest thing, he squats like a girl dog when he pees. I've never seen a boy dog do this before. I asked the vet and he thought he might have been neutered very young, but that is just a guess. No wonder why the people at the park call him such a cute little girl.

He makes up for it though when he gives the Great Dane a hard time. The Great Dane is used to Malcolm now and just ignores him. It gives everyone a good laugh watching Malcolm act like a big shot.

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My 2 males are always in a pissing contest. Its like a merry go round and also sometimes, one is peeing and the other goes over and pees on the other ones legs. :crybaby:

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Bailey is our first male and to compare him against the females we've had he's pretty much the same. Sometimes he will pee "on the run", but that's because he's just too busy to stop long enough to finish. He will mark where Casey has peed, but then again so doesn't Casey (another pissy contest). I find the biggest difference is he is more affectionate than our females.

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I think it's just a matter of "dog personality". Our Bailey Boy doesn't like to walk in the wet grass & avoids puddles at all costs, while Sophie Mae just tears around the yard, through puddles, or the deepest snow, and could care less how wet & messy she gets. Bailey, by far, is the more affectionate of the two, while Sophie will permit some petting & scratching, but never seems to completely relax while being held.


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