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I use a plastic pet carrier (pet taxi whatever you want to call it) to transport Pippy. She is still not fan of it but tolerates it, however she tends to slip and slide around a lot while riding in the vehicle which tends to scare her. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could coat the bottom of the carrier with or put in the bottom of it to prevent her from sliding around? Thank you for the help....

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I agree with Brad...I use the same thing. And anytime it gets dirty or whatever, I can just pop it in the washer & dryer & it's good to go.

Becky & Tanner
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You can also cut some carpeting (spare) to the size of the crate.

We keep a carpet remnant around for such occasions. And

make sure there is enough toweling on top of that for comfort.

However, the padding that Brad suggested looks great, too.

Max and Nelly

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I think anything easily washable would be good in a pinch - an old pillow, or throw (folded up), or even an old throw rug.

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Perhaps you are wanting some way for the crate not to slide around?

I use a bungy cord. I hook one end to the handle on top of the crate, and the other to a tie-down loop in the back of my Subaru. Of course, every car, and every crate is different, so this may not work exactly the same way for you.

Hogan is definately much happier riding in the car since I started fastening the crate down. I guess the minor sliding it did before freaked him out more than I realized!


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I guess I must be a bad Mommy. :whistle::confused: I let Gus wander at will in the car mostly because he's such a good boy and sits in the seat next to mine while we're driving. He especially likes it when there are two of us in the car and he gets lap and window time all at once! He LOVES pretending to be SuperDog. I know this isn't especially safe if we are ever in an accident, but knock on wood, I've yet to be involved in one. He seems much happier getting to go from front seat to the back when he wants to.

That said, we also have a traveling crate for long trips that we've got a couple of old throws in as well as his 'baby' doggie, a chewy and a couple of toys. That gets secured and the blankets keep him comfy and secure inside. They also are easily washed when needed.

Rita Roetker

Mommy of (Fer)Gus

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Zach doesn't always like crate pads, so I just throw a few big fluffy towels in his crate with him (I typically use crate pads in the winter when it's colder). By the time we're out of the driveway, he's typically fast asleep in his crate so he doesn't get jostled around too much.

99% of the time I keep my dogs in wire crates and I like putting a piece of thick foam (2 inches or so) underneath the crate pan. I personally feel like it helps reduce some of the bouncing (like a shock absorber?) and helps them have a gentler ride. My agility friend learned about it to help prevent joint injuries in her dogs and it's worked great for us.

Kintra Cairns

Home of Multi-Group Winning Ch. Paragon's Stately Affair CD RN CGC "Zach"

And ZaZa, the Min Pin

Canine Chronicle article - "Through the Storm" about my first journey to Westminster


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Holly was sick when I transported her in a travel crate even with a pad to keep her from sliding- this fitted in back of car {have a Toyota Yaris so not very large}. The large wire crate I have does not fit easily in car.

So now she has the pad and an old pillow[and I ensure seat mechanism is padded too] on the well behind front passenger seat and her harness is attached by a special short lead to the seat belt buckle. She can move slightly but is content once I start driving to lie down and go to sleep and is not sick at all. I feel she is fairly safe in that position too.

In fact when we get to journey's end she is often reluctant to get out of her comfy nest!


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