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Potty Training Regression?


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Our Pegi is 6 months old this week, and I thought she was finally housebroken. On Saturday my daughter decided to put her on the bed (and how many times have I told the kids NOT to do that yet) and she promptly peed on it. Then Sunday she peed in the den; today it was the area run in another bedroom. No changes in her routine or life.....I am, however, wondering if she's showing signs of going into heat (although I haven't seen any of the obvious ones yet). I did read that increased urination can be a sign. She's being spayed on 2/15. Any ideas? Is she regressing? Can anyone tell me when their cairn went into heat?

Linda & Pegi

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The possible entering into heat could be a factor, and about 6 mos is when you can start watching for a first estrus, but it sounds like maybe Pegi got onto some new soft fluffy surfaces (bed, area rug in bathroom). You didn't mention how long she's been accident free, but based on the surfaces she chose to use, which are ones dogs just love to pick (not only soft and absorbent but also smelling of their favorite humans!) she may have just gotten too much freedom too fast. If that seems plausible, go back to much greater restriction and supervision and work SLOWLY back up to access to more rooms, new rugs, beds, etc. with your housetraining program.

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