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This Morning, Lena


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Jumped up on the bed while I tied my hair back, fumbled for my glasses, turned the alarm off, and put my slippers on. She was well up on the bed and didn't jump down until I went to stand up. Then she barked for her breakfast, she has such a clear, beautiful bark. She also barked at Lenni (my new 12yo foster) the other day to let him know he'd gotten too close.

I'm feeding her on the bed and have also started playing a little game with her, kind of blocking her from jumping off the side of the bed by moving in that direction when she goes to jump off. I wouldn't be doing this if I felt it frightened her or I didn't think she could handle it, but I think she's ready to take a next step. She's very food motivated, so that's going to make things a lot easier now that she's showing signs of coming around (when I'm not on the bed, she sleeps right up against my pillows, that's her spot).

I've also been calling her Lady or Lady Lu, I think Lena might have negative associations.

I downsized the picture and am going to try to attach it again.


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Really nice!! Keep up the good work, she is well worth it. Kuddos to you for having such a great attitude and patience. Your quite a giver and she is going to give back bundles of love.

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