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Zekey's using the cat doors to let himself out

Zekey's Mom

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I've had Zekey since August (he's nearing 18th months old), and watched him gradually progress from only "going" if he were walked on a leash, to going in the back yard, but only if personally escorted. Next, he'd go in the yard, but only if I stood at the open door and watched, and next watching through the closed door. And he wouldn't use the cat doors at all, initially. It wasn't until I put him in the breezeway and went upstairs to change, then turned around to see him looking up at me, that I was sure he could even FIT through the doors.

And now my little baby proudly gets up off my lap, trots off through the kitchen, through the 2 doors and back, like he's been doing it all along! I had my suspicions for a while... sometimes I sleep in and when I get up, no puddles! Or if I got home late from work, I do a "pile" check in his usual spots -- nothing! He still gets his usual praise and perhaps a treat, if I'm in the kitchen.

My only fear... he may want to investigate noises more thoroughly and bark outside at the neighbors, instead of barking at the windows. Oh well, I'm still doing my happy dance for now! :P

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Doggy doors are the best thing ever!! We had to install two. One to the laundry room and one outside and we've never regretted the decision for Louie, but we now have indoor/outdoor cats as they learned as well. :confused: Louie does run outside to bark at stuff, but I jsut call him back in.

It's so nice. I worried that he would never learn to let me know in situations where doggy doors weren't accessible but he does when we're out and about.

Congrats, Zekey!! You're saving your mom a lot of cleaning time!!

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Good for Zekey! I'm sold on doggy doors, especially since I have three Cairns.

I was very surprised that Gracie (4 months) learned the doggy door the first day we got her. She immediately took to Sully and just followed him out. The breeder said she knew how, but I didn't figure she'd use one in a new place so soon. Of course, then I lived in fear that my little pup would get bopped when Sarah & Sully were doing a zoom. She got bopped once on the nose when the door swung back, but after that she'd stop and wait a second.

When we first put the doggy door in, back with MacDuff, Molly & Micki, it took some doing to teach them to go out. But, once Molly liked it, the others followed quickly.

Yeah for doggy doors!

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our dog doors are somewhat translucent- I've seen the dogs looking for shadows before the come through it...

and my favorite... when you just see a nose sticking out the bottom of the dog door...

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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The only trouble Zekey has, is when my cat Zipper is on the other side... I've seen him poke his head out the door and then back away from it. When I check, Zipper (top dog, but he's a cat) is usually on the other side.

...my favorite... when you just see a nose sticking out the bottom of the dog door

I know! I really want to get a picture of Zekey testing the weather, trying to decide if he should venture out.

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I think if I had dog doors then Holly would still expect me to open them! The door into kitchen is open but Holly will stand there until I push it wide open! She does not like going through narrow spaces................. I just think that dogs that cope with them are very clever.

[Tara - think Sweet Pea looks realy cute in that picture! ]


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Years ago, the first time I left my terrier mix home alone for any significant amount of time (about 4 hours) I came home to find him in the driveway, in zero weather! He'd gotten impatient waiting for me and squeezed through the quite small cat doors we had. We have one on the porch and another in the closet that leads to the porch.

With the new dog we're keeping the closet door open for the cat but blocked at the bottom so Ring can't get out. I know he'll figure it out before long but hopefully spring will have arrived and we will have the new fence put up. Then he can come and go as he pleases!

"The average man seeks agreement in the eye of the on-looker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eye and calls that humbleness."

Carlos Castaneda

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