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Benny and the hamster


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Here is a funny story about Benny and a hamster.

About a year and a half ago I took Benny with me on a weekend trip to Detroit to visit my college roommate. She had a hamster in a cage on a small end table next to the couch. Benny would not stop barking at the hamster so we moved it to the kitchen counter and put a sheet over the cage. Benny stood in front of the counter and continued to bark at the cage. Then he went running into the living room and jumped on the end table where the hamster had previously been. He slid all the way across the end table and smacked into the wall.

The best part is...he got up, ran back to the kitchen, barked at the hamster some more, and then ran back to the living room and slid across the end table once again. Then we moved the end table. He went back to the kitchen and repeated the cycle. Except the third time he ran into the living room there was no end table...so he ran straight into the wall.

I have never laughed so much in my life.

The world revolves around Benny and Sally...or so they think!

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That is so funny!!

I really thought Louie was going to go nuts over it too. We put the hamster (A Christmas gift from a family member) on a dresser in the kids room where Louie never goes. He really paid it no mind. Out of curiosity I held it out to him to sniff, ready to snatch it back if he become too moutjy. He backed off, ears down, tail tucked and sidled away. We tried it again later and he actually ran for the doggy door to go outside before we called him back and showed him it was out of my hands.

Today though, my daughter left the top off the cage and while me and DH were out and about today, our kitten got her out of the cage. The funny thing is, we thought out kitten would have the LEAST interest in the hammy but she has the most. Sits on the cage meowing her head off at it. We saw Louie diving for something over and over in a corner underneat some bags, but assumed he found a toy and couldn't get to it. I went upstairs to feed Tangerine (the hamster) and saw the the cage in disarray and no hamster. The "toy" Louie was diving after was Tangerine. We got her back in teh cage and she seems unharmed. Louie wasn't trying to kill her, just trying to play with her I guess. :lol:

He's also extremely afraid of water. If we even walk toward the hose outside, all we hear is the clackity clack of the doggy doors as he runs in to watch from inside. :lol: See, he's defective!!

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Both very funny stories!

Wouldn't it be great to have a large version of a hamster wheel that Cairns could run on!? hmmm ... don't steal my idea!

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Great idea Taz - then I could take Maxwell for a "walk" and never have to go out in the freezing cold or worry about getting snow packed in his paws!

Of course, if he's anything like a hamster, he'd wait all day just to run on it at night and the squeaking would keep me awake! I think it would be more fun to have cairn-size plastic ball, but Maxwell seems full capable of running around the apartment at high speed and bump into everything in his path. ;)

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Cute stories!

I don't think Molly cares about rodents at all. We take her to the pet store often. Once out of curiousity, I picked her up and showed her the mice in their glass box. She seemed completely unphased, really couldn't care less. Then she licked the outside of the box. (She licks every dog she meets, and "tries" to lick the ducks and geese at the park!).

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A cairn playing with a hamster would be something to see! Mine instantly pick up anything, unless it's too big, like a snake. One of my girls grabbed a mouse outside so fast I had no clue what she had till she spit it out, she didn't like it wiggly in her mouth I guess.

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