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Gus and his red thermal underwear!


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Here it finally is. I'm SO sorry that it took me so long to get the pic posted but with the kid home from school for the break, life has been hectic. My humblest apologies! :blush: He minds a tad bit getting them on because we've had some problems the last two weeks with him playing so hard at the park that he's torn off the first inside claw on both of his paws. :crybaby: He seems to be healing just fine but you can't go anywhere near any of his feet anymore. I'm hoping this will pass with time but it makes me sad to think of having to put a muzzle on him every time we need to trim his nails.

Brad, you may understand this better living in the same general area. Vet said the ground at the park is just SO dense (clay mostly) that when he does his hard play with other doggies, he digs his claws into the ground to get purchase and rips the nails right off! Vet said we weren't lax in trimming them....it's just a matter of the ground he's running on. He chopped them off pretty short and told us to keep them that way. He didn't even charge us for the trim! (normally $35) Have you had any issues with your dogs' claws? Just curious.

Here's wishing everyone a VERY Happy New Year and I'll say it ONE MORE TIME..... the Christmas Cards Exchange was phenomenal!

Rita and Gus

Rita Roetker

Mommy of (Fer)Gus

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Stella has ripped a nail right off, but she did it on our old disreputable decking (cracked, warped, etc.). Although now that you mention it, the way these guys like to 'fling turf' I'm surprised they don't have naturally short nails just from that!

Is Gus wearing his undies in the snow we're having just now?

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