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Molly's 1st Christmas with us

Autumn & Lola

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Molly was so cute yesterday. She really seemed to enjoy her 1st Christmas with us.

I think she could sense the "excitement" in the air, even though it was just the 3 of us - hubby, Molly and me. We gave her her gifts, which were all wrapped, one by one. I'd helped her off with the paper and she spun around and jumped up when she saw the new toys. She took each one, played with it for a few minutes, then put them all in a new pile, separate from her old toys. She kept running back to us to see if there were more coming! :D She got several treats from Santa as well, which we showed her and then quickly put away before she gobbled them down all at once. :thumbsup: It didn't matter, as she was too enthralled with her new toys.

She also received two new pillows/beds that my husband and I made for her, and a pretty new collar with her name in pink rhinestones surrounded by pink rhinestone hearts. LOL!

And who knew she was such a good shopper? She gave me a gift certificate to Kohl's and gave her Daddy two pounds of gourmet cashews.

She spent a good part of the afternoon sitting in the kitchen, smelling the ham cooking.

She had a special treat for dinner and a Christmas "doggie cookie" for dessert.

All in all I think she had a nice day! She's sleeping soundly on one of her new beds, with visions of sugarplums (or chasing squirrels) dancing in her head.

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Sounds like yall had a fantastic Christmas! Id love to see Molly with pics of her bounty! Made a bed? Im very curoius how that looks!


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We did have a lovely time with her.

I will have to take pics of the beds. They were very easy to make. Have you ever seen those fleece "no-sew" blankets where the ends are cut into strips and tied together? Years ago, we made about 20 of them for all our family members. They were a big hit. We wanted to make something similar for our previous dog, Mandy, since she loved to cuddle up on our blankets. So we made one into a pillow and then sewed a zipper into the backing so we can take the cover off the pillow to wash. Our Mandy (RIP) loved it so much. So we made two new ones for Molly - one will go in the bedroom and one in the living room.

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