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Cairns and Kittens?


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My daughter is getting a kitten for Christmas (shhh...don't tell her!) Due to forecasted horrible weather, I'm thinking we are going to have to pick it up tonight. It's either that or wait until Sunday, and I don't want to wait that long.

So, long story short, we may be bringing home a kitten tonight. Xena has been around adult cats (the vet office has two that live there) and has not shown anything but curiosity and wanting to play. I'm concerned with the kitten though since it is so small. Hoping she doesn't think this is a new "prey" for her to hunt.

Has anyone had any experience bringing a kitten into the mix? I would love to hear your tips and suggestions!


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well my mother in law found kittens under her shed they were about 2-3 weeks old {we couldn't find the mother}. Both Scotty and Angel were just very curious with them. Both my dogs seemed to understand they were babies and very gentle with them. Scotty even gave one of them a big kiss. lol They were are now full size they aren't very social they hide when we come over. Scotty is very loud though and is quiet the talker. Scotty really likes their toys and Angel likes their litter box :sick:


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Just make sure she knows that it's a baby, her instincts will probably kick in. If you get it as a kitten, the better the chance they will grow together and be good friends. There is usually a spat when a grown cat (like mine, set in her ways) finds herself with a new puppy. Kittens love to play and will most likely get along just fine with the Cairn! ( as they love to play too!) And trust me, being a kitten foster mom for several years, kittens are pretty hardy, they can play pretty rough!

Good luck, seems like it will be a very cute and playful christmas at your house! : )

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