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Just a little humor


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I ran across a cute website recently that might interest the members here. It's new to me, and I apologize if it's been listed before.

The site is http://ihasahotdog.com/ The site features pictures of dogs with humorous captions. A lot of the captions are really cute/funny. There is also a section about cats for the catlovers.

My main criticism is that many of the captions are written in a sort of baby talk and can be a little confusing until you get used to them.

Not strictly about Cairns, but I have seen a few there. It's an interesting site for doglovers of all sorts.

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I love that site. I babysit for some kids that are as big of dog lovers as I am. So whenever I babysit we always take pictures of their dog (King Charles Spaniel) and then make funny captions in the style of the ihasahotdog site.

For those with iPhones, there is an ap called "I can has a cheeseburger" that has the funny cat and dog pictures.

The world revolves around Benny and Sally...or so they think!

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Yeah, that site is the dog version of the cat's "I Can Has Cheezburger." It's funny, but for some reason, the cat site is funnier. I Has a Hot Dog is great, too.

Sparky Jones & Scout Jones
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There have been some recent posts here about Cairns and snow.

Today on "Ihasahotdog", there is a really cute picture of a young Cairn who has been having fun in the snow. It was the 3rd picture down a few minutes ago.

Check out his "boots!

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