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News about our Cami


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Hello all,

I have been lurking and reading all the informative post that is shared. I can't tell you how helpful they have been since Cami our rescue Cairn has been in our home.

She has been with us a year in February and she has come a long way we think though at times she forgets so we have to give her a gentle reminder.

I believe she has bonded with us for she doesn't like it one bit if one of us leaves for a few hours where she can't keep an eye on us.

We still have the issue about making strange noises when a car goes by and would like to chasecars. I don't think we will ever break her of that. She leads on a leash much better where she isn't dragging us down the road all though she would like to take the lead.

She still will like to be the boss but just holding water spray bottle with a threat she gets the message. Lee and I were just saying tonight how she has come a long way from the devil dog we had the first few months.. SMILE.

The breed is so different from what we have known in the past but she keeps us old folks entertained nightly with her antics.. We can't believe what strong and smart dog she is. Awe!! so different from our Schipperke Alex in temperament.

Just thought I would fill you in on her progress and let you know what a wonderful forum you have where you can learn and get a helping hand when needed.

This isn't related to Cairn's but I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I made a card for friends and family from one of my Santa paintings I would like to share these Holiday words with you.

Link... http://tinyurl.com/yde3d3j

Just copy and paste link in your browser.

Our Best, The Powells Lee and Peni

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congratulations on your successful venture into the unknown. i'm sure we all read your story with interest and recognition.

raising these amazing dogs is not easy. you and cami are doing a great job.

happy holidays!

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Love your christmas card, you do beautiful work. And I love Cami's name. Good for your to rescue her and give her a great home. That is my desire also to rescue another cairn.Did you know that she had issues when you adopted her? or did you find out as she became a part of your family.

We love Nena so much I keep checking petfinder and when I see one they seem to go so fast. That is great they find forever homes. Nena is about the same age as Cami what a joy they are.

Have a great christmas and keep posting, would love to see a picture of Cami

cairn terriers leave pawprints on our lives
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Hi Nena, Thank you for the nice complement on my page.

The folks who takes in Cairns as a rescue home and then places them wasn't real sure what some of her issues were all she knew was that Cami had been in four homes before ours and that the last home the wife of the family was afraid of her because she would growl and try to chase her. I think in the past she had been in a home where the kids played chase games with her and that is where that came from. She tried it on me a couple of times to get me to play and she can be very persistent about it.. So got out my handy squirt bottle and stood my ground.

They also suspected that she might chase cars because she would chase along their fenced area when cars went by..

Like I said she can be very bossy and demanding if you let her get away with it. You have to let her know you are the head of the pack!!

She loves children and company and is good with them. When we first got her she bit both my husband and my self but I think it was because we had got close to her travel crate and because it seem to be her security. We put it away and don't use it so that she would interact with us.

We were told we could have a two week trial run to see if we could work with her and she would fit in to our family. Yes at times I came close to taking her back but eventually she worked in as we worked with her. I will say that because we have to keep her on a leash and that she needed a lot of attention because of background I have never spent as much time with a dog as I have with Cami we are both learning what fits our needs,, GRIN But gota love her she is so smart and funny and cute too. WhenI first joined I put up a picture I will try and get some shots over Christmas.


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