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Oh, the humiliation!


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WOOF! Eli, here!

Oh, the dreaded poopy-butt! I am sure you dawgs can relate. Poop happens. Today I had a particularly bad case. You can run, but you can't hide. The uprghts always figure it out. I was torn between seeking the Alpha B's help and running from me. She always wins. I guess that's why she's the Alpha B. Anyway, she sneaks up on me and grabs me by the tail and starts pulling the poop off of me and then scrubbing my butt with a WIRE BRUSH! OK, it was a soft cloth but it FELT like a wire brush! Sheesh! I lost quite a few butt-hairs in the process. Oh, the humiliation! I was glad to finally be free but I wouldn't let HER know that. I stayed away from her for a long time. Sheesh! What we endure for our uprights!


Eli B)

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I agree with you Eli - my upright also tried to clean my butt - so I sat down and would not budge!! So she would not let me in the living room at all. So I had to let her do it in end because I wanted to play with my teddy. I agree it is so humiliating isn't it!



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