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Do You Trust Your Vet


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A strange thing happened on our way out of Las Vegas....Two weeks before our permenent departure we made an appointment with our Vet to have Zen's shots brought up-to-date. During that visit the Vet pulled up his lip and

showed us a couple of his back teeth that had quite alot of tarter on them and also the gum line was red with a slight infection. He said that he really should have his teeth cleaned again. He cleaned them twice before during his 4 1/2 year life span. OK that sounded reasonable so we made an appointment. Meanwhile we explained to the doctor that this would be the last time he saw Zen because we were leaving the State.

Now this particular Doctor is very well known and efficient to the max. It took us months to find a Vet that we

considered trustworthy. As a consequence we had to travel 45 minutes through heavy traffic to get to his facility.

We considered it worth our while.

Well, when the appointed time came for his teeth cleaning the nurse presented us with an estimate. The estimate was

$998.00 and included six extractions. Holy Cow!

Now the only thing the Vet had done previouly was lift his lip and look at a little tarter plus a little red. So now he was going to extract six teeth?

As we were packing up to leave the Dr. came in and said it was probably a mistake and he would just clean his teeth.

He did that but it really left a bad taste in my mouth. I always look high and low for people I can have confidence and trust in, but I feel so cheated when something like this happens. What say you? Do you have a great Vet that

you can trust and rely upon?

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It's not that I don't trust our vet, but I am very wary of anything I find unnecesary. This goes with the kids doctors, vets and dentists especially. That's my dad coming out of me, he used to say all the time "Now see, that's how they getcha!". :lol:

I'm sorry you feel cheated. I probably would have felt the same way. Not only would have mistake have left a big hole in your wallet, but SIX TEETH? That is a signifigant change, especially for a relatively young dog!

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I think we are fortunate to have our vet, and yes I do trust them. We've been taking our various dogs & cats there for about 20 yrs. While there have been changes in personel over the years, the care & consideration has been constantly excellent. They moved into a beautiful, state of the art, new facility about a year ago, and there are currently 6 veterinarians on staff. The doctor that Bailey & Sophie usually see is wonderful, and is greaat with them. She never fails to call us with test results, or just to see how they are doing after any problems. She told me that they would match any price that I found on-line for medications, without me even bringing it up. When our Brittany Spaniel, Lady, had a stroke and died several years ago, we received a card,flowers, a paw print, and a lock of Lady's hair from the vet's office. Like everything else, their prices have gone up, but I'm not about to shop around to save a few bucks on vet care as long as I'm satisfied.


Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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I have to say that I trust our Vet fully. I did not like his associate many years ago, but he has since retired and brought a new doctor in who is also very good. That being said I do have to add that my daughter is a Vet, but lives too far from us to take care of our dogs on a regular basis. Our vet understands that we like to call our daughter on the more serious problems and run things by her as a second opinion and they have no problems.

For me I need my vet to feel comfortable with us that we will be getting my daughter's opinion on medical decisions.

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Five years ago when we moved from a Washington, DC suburb (Gaithersburg) to

an Annapolis suburb (60+ miles) we tried numerous local vets.

Whether it was about gerbils, dogs or birds we couldn't find anyone that

came close to Dr. Lawrence Giebel in Gaithersburg. Not only was there a trust

issue, but none of the vets in our new area treat all the species we

host in our home. Dr. Giebel can treat all our nonhuman friends,

and is licensed to treat wildlife if someone brings him a wounded animal.

Soooo, since my husband doesn't work outside the home (or for that matter

inside the home :) ) we still make appointments and have him

take our nonhuman children to Dr. Giebel. It's worth the extra

gasoline and time for the peace of mind we get.

Tara, Peaceful Mom of Many

P.S. - I could've told you some horror tales about other vets,

their misdiagnoses, and lobbying to have pets euthanised when

it turned out they were wrong after seeking a second opinion.

I decided not to include these details.

Max and Nelly

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I trust my vet as much as I can trust any medical professional.

I am always going to do my own reserach when it comes to food, vaccinations..etc...

My vet did try to sell me on the Hills Science Diet when my dogs needed to loose weight... only once, he never brought it up again. This past vet visit for shots, he did try to get me to get the boys re-vaccinated for Lepto with a "new Lepto Vaccine" that had recently come out... he said that it worked where as the other Lepto vaccines hadn't worked....

You know, I decided not to get them re-vaccinated for Lepto... they arne't around untreated water, my one dog refuses to even leave the house if its raining.... I feel the the lepto vaccine they got as puppies is fine...

besides if this "new Lepto Vaccine" were the second comming like he made it out to be.... someone on this forum would have known about it tooo.... which no one did.

So I chalk it up to his professional opinion... my opinion will not always jive with the Vets or any medical professional... however if either of my dogs ever gets seriously sick, I trust my Vet completely... he is a great surgeon and clinician.

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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I have used the same Vet for over 20 years and have a great deal of trust in him. We started using him when we had 4 cats, and later for a small Toy Poodle who unknown to us when we bought him was a puppy mill puppy. The Poodle had some serious digestive problems and over his lifetime, we had to call the vet in the middle of the night for emergency treatment on several occasions. We always had excellent care for all of our pets from this Vet.

The Poodle died of old age at 14+ years of age, and I'm told normal lifespan for a healthy toy Poodle is 10-14 years, so this Vet gets a lot of credit for a sickly dog living a near normal, happy, and long life.

When I got Renny, I never even considered using another Vet. Renny has seen the same vet for everything from puppy shots to neutering and routine checkups with no problems

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Absolutely. Been going to the same vte for 28 years (although new staff do come in to maintain the practice). I also worked with one of the techs for 7 years and she would tell me of anything untowards that was going on. And if I was really paranoid, I would take one of my dogs to the vets at my place of work.

I always ask for an explanation of anything that I was not expecting and run it past the people at work.

I do see how that could leave a bad taste in your mouth though.


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Wow I would be upset if I was in your position. I can't believe that vet wanted to pull teeth knowing that you were moving. I brush Nena's teeth everyday (she is 2 1/2) and the vet says that she has great teeth and has never had a professional cleaning.

I did have a bad experience at this vet at first but I changed Doctors there and am very happy. The Dr. I did not like left the practice so glad he is gone. This vet never pushes food on us actually she asks me what I feed Nena and if I give her vitamins. She even wrote down what I feed her because I said I reseached foods to find good ones, and she said that Nena is the perfect weight and in good health.

I sure hope that you find a great vet where you are moving and that you don't hear anymore about pulling teeth.

cairn terriers leave pawprints on our lives
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I trust our vet 100%. He has only cared for my dogs and cat for the two years we have lived here, but I am so thankful to have found his clinic. He, the other doctors, and all the staff are so wonderful.

When my last dog was very old and very sick, they were so supportive and didn't put any pressure on us but offered lots of advice, and sound information / facts based on tests done on my dog's health. In some instances, it felt like we were being asked to pay an arm and a leg but it turned out to be so worth it because we were able to determine what was deteriorating our dog's health. This allowed us to give him proper medications, know how to care for him and understand why he was behaving as he was. When it came time, he gave us good council on how to put Pete to rest in the most humane, caring, loving way and offered reassurance about the decision.

We've always been really lucky to have good vets and it was really comforting to work with someone who was willing to do the tests necessary to help Pete, to support us as we tried to care for him maybe longer than others would have, and in the end to say goodbye. After Pete passed, he made a donation to our state veterinary school in Pete's memory for research on the disease he was diagnosed with.

Dental work is something that I know little about and I'm always skeptical. I wouldn't expect that a dog that is only 4 and a half should need to have so many extractions. But, like you, I would be curious about why it came up in the estimate but was then said to be a mistake. Dental work is inherently very expensive though because they have to be put under, and also for the operating room time.

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I cherish the ground our vet walks on. He cared for Missy since she was a pup. He cared for my parents dogs. He is the one I credit my Missy living to 17 years of age. I would trust my own life in his hands. He never ever does anything that is not needed. He is a very cautious Dr.

I travel over 45 minutes one way but the drive is well worth my Kramers health. If and when he retires I would be lost. Too many vets I hear horror stories and have no bed side manors. When Missy passed away, here is her Dr shedding tears with me. She was a big part of him as well.

You have to have trust in your Vet, if not, find one that you can trust. A good vet makes a happy pet :) So sorry for your recent experience.

Rhonda,Kramer & Angel Missy "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog". "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are" Missy Rainbow Bridge Memorial

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I totally trust my vet. She is an equine vet who also treats our small animals. I really think that is her advantage--she doesnt assume that she's always right and researches what she doesnt know before making a diagnoses. She's great in an emergency--with our old Aussie Shepherd she made several housecalls in the middle of the night and slept on the couch next to the dog. She has a wonderful manner with the dogs and cats. Unless she needs lab equipment, she comes to the animal. She has small animal partners that she can rely on if she's out of her comfort zone.

When I told her I was getting a Cairn, she called around to find out about the breeder, the breed and any problems I should look for as he grows. She does rescue work and has a couple of bad experiences going in with the police to triage the animals and then having to put the majority of them down because they were so far gone. She came along with us, free, when we picked him up to make sure the breeder was ok. She checked him for everything she could and pronounced him a happy little puppy.

My vet is an amazing doctor, person and animal lover. Gus, however, was not too thrilled when she stuck that thermometer into his butt! I think the jury is still out for him. ;o)


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During the school year, I work at the boarding kennel connected to the Vet clinic in my college town so my vet is literally my boss. She has a great manner with the dog and truly enjoys what she does. I've seen her interact enough with not only my dogs, but boarder/surgery dogs to know that she is genuine.

Of course being a vet clinic, they endorse Science Diet, but she has never once pushed it on me at all. If there is an issue with my dogs, she gives me all the options and lets us decide which route to take. My boyfriend's Lab recently broke her pelvis and we were given the option of going to a bigger city to have a plate put in or put her on intense crate rest for 3 weeks. Either way the vets were very supportive about what we decided and every time she has an appointment, EVERYBODY in the clinic stops me to let me know how she's doing and how great she is.

Kintra Cairns

Home of Multi-Group Winning Ch. Paragon's Stately Affair CD RN CGC "Zach"

And ZaZa, the Min Pin

Canine Chronicle article - "Through the Storm" about my first journey to Westminster


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Yes I trust my vet. However, some practices that have become common in vet clinics recently are annoying. Much like your insurance agent or your cable company, Vets are now "selling services" with some pretty hard close tactics that I don't appreciate. One of our recent spay procedures was accompanied by "selling" laser spays over the "more painful" surgical technique! I told my vet that I do not want to be put in the position of choosing a cheaper procedure that is more painful for my dog over a more expensive less painful method. I ask him to simply do what was best for the dog and please not put me in the position of choosing based on dollars.

I have noticed that there is a constant recommendation for supplements, new drugs, treatment for conditions that are rare here (heart worm), teeth cleaning, etc. It is hard to choose when to say "No." to these offers.

As an ex-salesperson, I know that "selling up" is common and lucrative--I'm just not used to it with my Vet.

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I never thought I would change vets after being with the same clinic for years, however I have and am glad I did. It wasnt that I didnt trust the vets at my old clinic, but got tired of going in there and with every visit the prices went up. One week I would buy a supplement at x amount the next week it suddenly had an additional $10 tacked on. Same with the the office visit.... it went up to a ridiculous $117 just to walk into the clinic.... before treatment! Plus I started questioning him ( which is my nature and I feel as I am paying the big bucks I have a right to do that) about Jock's treatment. I started getting attitude... that pretty well sealed the deal for me to move on. I love my new vet who actually worked for the old vet before moving on herself. She is totally there for my dog and I can discuss new ideas etc with her. Love it!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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