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A first for me and any dog owner I know...


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Too funny, he was sniffing something earlier tonight in the grass, so I went over to investigate to make sure it wasn't something gross...IT WAS, it was a nice big hunk of white already chewed gum! And it was stuck in my baby's "beard!" I thought I would have to cut it out but luckily I got him back inside in the light and the fiance held him still while I pulled. It came out pretty easy, phew! For a second there I was running into the house with my arms stuck out with Gretsch dangling.

I was wondering if anyone has has this happen before??

Luckily it was there where his hair is more wiry, if he had gotten it into his fluff I would have had to cut it out. : )


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My my, these dogs will get into anything. Glad you got the gum out without a lot of trouble. Right now Malcolm has a little piece of masking tape on his leg. Somehow he got hold of a roll of masking tape and was happily chewing on it until he got busted. There was tape on his head, side and legs. I was able to get most of it off, but the one piece was stuck on his leg pretty good. I got the scissors, but he was squirming around too much so I put the scissors away. Oh well, maybe some soap and water will work, but now I'm too tired to fuss with him so tomorrow we will try again.

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I've had to cut gum out of they boys hair before.

We have a lot of kids in the nighborhood and they boys are always finding gum...becuase of it's scent....

paws...beards...backs... you name it... i've removed it... Yes Mett rolled on Watermellon gum before.... that was a nice day.

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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