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Elk Antlers


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For the past year, I've been visiting a blog in which a woman in Wyoming posts a daily picture of a coyote she has raised since he was ten days old. In addition to her blog of Charlie photographs, she also has an etsy website, and she sells all kinds of different things she comes across in Wyoming. Her best sellers are elk antlers. She cuts them up into reasonable sizes and sells them as dog chew toys, and they're great. I ordered two of them, and they just came in today. I wasn't sure how Sparky and Scout would like them, but I was completely shocked by how much they absolutely LOVE their antlers. Scout chews on her's nonstop from the time I give it to her to the time I take it away from her. Sparky chews on his, too, but only after he has walked all around the house with it in his mouth, looking for the perfect place to hide it. Apparently no place is good enough for him, though, because he just gives up and starts chewing. He's so worried about his antler that he can hardly stand it. It reminds me of that Traveler's commercial where the dog tosses and turns thinking about his bone in the safe deposit box at the bank, so he goes back and gets it the first chance he gets. The antlers are very hard, and they don't splinter like bones do. Sparky can't have bones because he swallows them, so the elk antlers are great. Here are a few pictures:





Please ignore the dirty pups and the dirty rug. It's been raining here like crazy the last couple of days, and there's just mud and dirt everywhere. The more I clean, the more the pups track it in!

Let me know if anyone wants the web address for her blog! It's a great way to start the day!

Sparky Jones & Scout Jones
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Awwww....Scout reminds me so much of my late Betsy Noodle! She and Sparky look like they are having a great time with those antlers. :D

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We went to the local dog walk and a vendor had them for sale. I have heard of them before but mine can not use rawhide because it makes her vomit so I am not sure if antlers will do the same thing. She has a sensitive tummy.

cairn terriers leave pawprints on our lives
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We got a couple of antler but the dogs were not excited about them. They are quite dry and not very smelly -- maybe they just don't stink enough!! I wonder if they differ much depending on where you buy them from.

Bully sticks rule around here. The stinkier, the better.

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