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Found 16 results

  1. Hi. I addopted a Cairn Terrier from SPCA 3 weeks ago. We think he is about 5 years old but not sure. He has been showing some aggressive behavior towards man (unprovoked) but has always been calm and wonderful with my son and I. We thought that maybe he was abused by a man or something terrible happened to this poor little thing. This dog is fully trained, he was someone's pet that ran away and since he didn't have a chip he ended up at SPCA. Today my son (8 years old) and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and my son was looking very close at his face fascinated by how dog tears harden a
  2. bradl

    Signals vs Commands

    Interesting article about a study comparing the effectiveness of hand signals to voice commands. Are Voice Commands or Hand Signals More Effective for Dogs? — Psychology Today
  3. AKP79

    Cairns and Cats

    So I just recently bought an 8 week old cairn. My cat has dwelled peacefully with our German Shepherd, but she was not happy about the new pup. She likes to observe him, but if he gets close or barks at him she hisses. I mostly keep him in the carrier or in a separate room with a gate when they interact, but I'm trying to train him to let her be, so he doesn't end up attacked by our feisty cat. Any good tips on training. Dax prob won't mind him chasing her once she's comfortable with him, but I want him to learn control too. Help?
  4. <<sigh>> I need to vent! I've had 5 Cairns (one at a time) before I got the whirling dervish named Lucy, age 2.5 yrs. Here's the 411: Ditzy, Erica, and Graysen were here, living in harmony, until 8 days ago. Ditzy is a perfect Cairn, trained by me, a rescue @ age 2.5 yrs. She's now 8. Erica is a rescued calico cat - got her when she was 10 yrs., she's now 14 and really grouchy cuz of arthritis. Graysen is a stray American Bobtail cat who chose us a yr. ago. He's about 3 yrs. I've trained all of my Cairns, from pups to adults. Use rewards and repe
  5. Betsy Leiss

    Therapy Dog Cairn?

    I'm very interested in pursuing Therapy Dog International certification for my cairn. She is almost ten months old, and is doing pretty good with obedience. But, she is so crazy around New people, Places, and Situations! She squeals like a pig and is hard to control, even after being in a new place for half an hour. Same thing if a new person or dog comes to our home. I've exhausted every technique I know or could find on the internet to calm this behavior. She'll never pass the cert test (nor should she) with this type of behavior, but I think she has so much to offer people with special nee
  6. Ms Molly Mae

    Training Graduation

    Tonight was a big night for Molly Mae. She finally passed her Intermediate Class at Petsmart. She went through the class twice and I did not think she would pass tonight. She had to do a sit-stay for a whole 45 seconds. She did it once when we practicing, but when the trainer came to test her, she forgot I was there. She likes the treats in the trainers pouch better than mine, even they are the same. The trainer had to hide around a corner for her to do the sit-stay. Then she barely made it. My husband think they passed her so she does not have to come back. She only barked fiercely at two dog
  7. Hello! Im not sure if this has been asked before, but I really wanted an answer for this problem I am having. I have posted about this before, that my 6 year old cairn, Teddy, as some aggression towards other dogs. This problem hasn't worsened, but hasn't gotten a whole lot better either. He isn't as crazy, and when we hold him around other dogs and he is able to observe them, he doesn't bark until the dog gets very close to him. Anyways, the point of this post is to ask your opinion on getting a second dog. Recently I've felt that Teddy has been very lonely, and has seperation anxiety wh
  8. Lloydnrudy

    Experience with aggression

    Hello, I thought I would share my experience with my cairn, Rudy, and his aggression. About a year ago I wrote about problems that I was having with Rudy. He was biting people, attacking my friends and he even bit me at one point. I lost a fingernail, which is really painful! I received a lot of great advice here, but for some reason I wasn't getting anywhere. Rudy is a really friendly dog, he loves to play with other dogs, and he explodes with joy when he meets new people. He is quite emotional actually. I am used to training sled dogs.They are usually friendly, but can kill each oth
  9. Our 8 month old Cairn has been trained to go both #1 & 2 indoors, using pads. She does have the occassional excited #1 accident when our cat teases her, although this is few and far between. Anyway, we are trying to move her to going to the bathroom completely outdoors. We have tried moving her waste outdoors, treats, "go potty" phrase, praise, etc. but nothing seems to work. She waits till we are back indoors and uses the pad. Even when we take her on day trips - I feel so bad for her because she "holds it" for as long as possible until she gets back to a pad or what she considers th
  10. My husband and I adopted a Cairn/Westie mix back in September. He was 8 months old when we got him and is currently 13 months. Since we brought him home we have been trying to train him to walk nicely on a leash. I like to walk a couple of times a day myself for exercise and I really want him to be able to come with me. He has learned other basic commands fairly easily and is very food motivated. House training and crate training also were very easy. Getting him to walk loosely on a leash has been the most challenging thing we have come across with him. He was doing relatively o.k. until win
  11. Can anyone in the Brooklyn or Manhattan area recommend a trainer good with terriers? Thank you!
  12. background: we have a young cairn that is currently a little over 1 year old, he was born in august 2011. I lived with him until august 2012, when i moved into my own apartment in NYC. this dog is really my mothers dog, but when hurricane sandy came to town in october winston had to take a trip to my apartment in NYC and has been there since then while my mom finds a new place to live. he sleeps in a crate at night, but has free reign of my apartment while im out at work. living in NYC with this cairn has proven to be occasionally (read often) difficult and i'm looking for some advice / rea
  13. _whits_

    Proud Mom

    Addie and I have been working with an at-home trainer for the past few weeks. We started after Addie tore a muscle in my shoulder pulling on her leash. We've been working with the trainer on Addie's loose-leash walking skills and her coming when called. The trainer decided to approach it from two different directions: 1) positive reinforcement clicker and hand/body signal training and 2) addressing some of Addie's obsession with prey that was making her so anxious/excitable she would refuse to focus. Part two mostly meant introducing fun distractions (treat puzzles, short training sessions,
  14. Last week Addie and I started the first of our three at-home training sessions. The trainer is very experienced and seems to be excellent at what she does. Our goals are: 1) Learn how to walk on a loose leash (so she doesn't injure my shoulder again) 2) Develop some basic idea of coming when called (it's nonexistent currently) 3) Improve her confidence and manners around children (She's either terrified or knocking them over in joy) The first week of training was a lot of getting to know the behaviors Addie and I are currently exhibiting together, and doing some baby steps toward working o
  15. Tuesday

    Earthdog Event

    I've found out that there is some type of Earthdog event in December here in Central Florida. I have an email out to the facility where it is being held (Son Light Ranch, Brooksville, FL) to find out a few details, but wanted to put it out here as well, maybe someone can give me more information. We have never participated in ANY type of events with Murphy, but may possibly be interested in this. I chickened out on obedience with him recently. Murphy is very intelligent when it comes to obedience, tracking, commands, etc. He can walk at heel on a loose lead, sit, stay, down, and of course
  16. I've read on this site that some folks use very long leads from time to time. I would like to use a 15 or 30 foot lead to work on Ruffy's recall. I'm concerned that he will just get tangled up in it. Such long leads look like they might be bulky, clumsy & hard to work with, and that I might be spending most of my time trying to straighten it out, untangling it from Ruffy's legs. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?


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