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Found 5 results

  1. bradl

    Virbac Chewable Iverhart

    Source: PetMD, Virbac
  2. Napi'smom

    *Important* Treat Recall

    Food Recall Warning: Nestle Purina PetCare is voluntarily recalling Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treats. Milo's Kitchen is also recalling its Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers. http://www.dogheirs.com/dogheirs/posts/2586-nestle-purina-recalls-waggin-train-and-canyon-creek-ranch-brand-dog-treat-products
  3. _whits_

    Proud Mom

    Addie and I have been working with an at-home trainer for the past few weeks. We started after Addie tore a muscle in my shoulder pulling on her leash. We've been working with the trainer on Addie's loose-leash walking skills and her coming when called. The trainer decided to approach it from two different directions: 1) positive reinforcement clicker and hand/body signal training and 2) addressing some of Addie's obsession with prey that was making her so anxious/excitable she would refuse to focus. Part two mostly meant introducing fun distractions (treat puzzles, short training sessions, massages) whenever Addie got unacceptably excited about prey (tearing holes in the woodwork, scratching glass doors, ripping mom's muscle, etc.) Today Addie had another session. We went for a little walk with the trainer around the neighborhood to show her what we've been practicing and for the trainer to introduce some new commands and methods to encourage Addie to listen to me better on the leash. We also spent some time in the house discussing Addie's progress. Addie is not a Golden Retriever by any means but I wanted a terrier and knew the challenges involved. She will always have a very strong prey drive (she's a terrier) that will sometimes get in the way of her ability to listen. But her leash-walking is SO MUCH BETTER, she comes when called in the house (granted, I still have to have a treat) and she is generally a calmer, more focused (and extra bonus: cuddly!) dog. Today the trainer decided that Addie and I have the skills now to address Addie's leash-walking and recall without outside help. As she was bidding us farewell she said "Addie has become the best behaved Cairn Terrier I have ever met." I was just so, so proud of my little baby and the wonderful dog she has become. I have always been proud of her, but today was extra special.
  4. Last week Addie and I started the first of our three at-home training sessions. The trainer is very experienced and seems to be excellent at what she does. Our goals are: 1) Learn how to walk on a loose leash (so she doesn't injure my shoulder again) 2) Develop some basic idea of coming when called (it's nonexistent currently) 3) Improve her confidence and manners around children (She's either terrified or knocking them over in joy) The first week of training was a lot of getting to know the behaviors Addie and I are currently exhibiting together, and doing some baby steps toward working on loose leash walking and recall. We've ordered an Easy Walk harness to see if that helps; I've tried it before and Addie wiggled out of it but we tried it again and she's finally big enough to fill it out properly. There are a LOT of treats involved to make walking on a leash and coming to me more fun than everything else Addie might want to do. And coming right now involves me racing around the house getting Addie to chase after me instead of the other way around. The trainer is also a big believer in decreasing anxiety through environmental changes. She says Addie is very anxious - not in a stressed or necessarily negative way - but in that she is constantly on guard for prey and noise and excitement and so never really calms down unless she's asleep. To calm Addie down (in the hopes she'll be more inclined to come when called and less included to pull on her leash), I've been instructed to feed all of Addie's meals to her in Kongs. Apparently the puzzle aspect and the sucking aspect help increase Addie's seratonin and make her more apt to relax. Addie LOVES treat puzzles of the Nina Ottonson kind, but seems to be very dubious about Kongs right now. She's not very food driven and sometimes skips meals entirely and since I've introduced the Kongs she'll lick them a bit and then quickly give up and trot off. It's stressing me out cause I'm worried about her not getting enough to eat. I know she won't starve herself, but it's hard to watch her frustrated and hard to watch her not eat much. So far it's involved me putting a lot of treats in with her food, smearing the Kong with peanut butter, and helping her figure out how to get the food out. If anyone has any experience/advice about Kong feeding (esp. what size/kind Kong you use) it'd be much appreciated. This whole Kong thing is supposed to calm Addie down but all it seems to be doing is stressing me out! Otherwise today I received Addie's 10 page ( ) behavior plan and I've only begun to glance over it. It's meant to cover all three sessions and into the future. I hate to think what a plan for a very aggressive dog would look like! A thesis perhaps! I do think a lot of it is the explanation behind some of the training though so hopefully Addie and I won't have TOO much homework. The only real controversial thing is that the trainer wants me to consider taking away Addie's television - by covering the wall of windows out to the back yard. She thinks all the potential prey out there is increasing Addie's anxiety and decreasing her calm and focus. She just wants me to take it away for a few weeks but I feel terrible about taking away something that gives Addie so much joy. Any thoughts?
  5. I've read on this site that some folks use very long leads from time to time. I would like to use a 15 or 30 foot lead to work on Ruffy's recall. I'm concerned that he will just get tangled up in it. Such long leads look like they might be bulky, clumsy & hard to work with, and that I might be spending most of my time trying to straighten it out, untangling it from Ruffy's legs. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?


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