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Found 23 results

  1. nettydorko

    I definitely need advice

    Hello! I've googled so many tips on how to housebreak a puppy and I have never had any issue with potty training dogs I've had in the past until I got Theo, a Cairn Terrier. A lot of my friends have stated terriers are usually hard to train. I've had him for 3 weeks and he's still not potty-trained at 4 months old! He isn't neutered. We keep him on a consistent eating schedule, let him out first thing in the morning (to go poop and pee), middle of the day (to go pee) and before bed (to go poop and pee). I'm very familiar with his actions whenever he needs to go because he usually can't sit still and is always sniffing around. We live in an apartment, we've even provided 2 areas in the apartment with puppy pads for him to go potty. We've limited how much he can drink a day so that his peeing schedule isn't too hard to figure out. We use sprays that completely eliminate any areas he's gone on. Every time we take him outside, we're out for 15-30 minutes, I have him run around and I even rub his tummy to encourage him to pee/poo outside, but he's just always so distracted playing with sticks and digging. So far, he's only peed/pooped a total of 3 times outside, about 8 times on the puppy pad inside the apartment.. but all the other times, he's just peed or pooped wherever he wants. Every time we catch him in the action, we yell "NO!" and take him to the designated area(s) we would like for him to pee/poo on. One day I even had him on a leash on a puppy pad so that he isn't running around to potty ANYWHERE he likes in the apartment. I've taken away toys so he would just focus on going potty. I exclaim "go potty" every single time and when he goes potty in the right places, I reward him with a treat. He holds in his potty until my husband and I aren't looking, and it just gets really frustrating. The only thing my husband and I haven't tried are: getting him neutered or use those belly belt things. He's a cute little pup and he's extremely smart... but I feel like it's just in all the wrong ways. :/
  2. Brus’s Mom

    Hello! I'm Brus's mom!!

    I'm new to the cairn talk forum, but my husband and I've been lurking for the past couple months. We've got a new baby puppy named Robert de Brus (we watched the Outlaw King on Netflix right before we got him!) We call him Brus. He's amazing, loves all humans, wants to play with all the toys, and learn all the newest things. He's fearless and will sneak attack (just like his namesake.)
  3. ProvidenceCain

    New Cairn mom

    Hello! I’m new to forum as I just got my 5 (almost 6 mo) cairn pup a few days ago. So far so good... he has the usual terrier idiosyncrancies, potty training is decent. Im just curious ... a lot of online info says these pups need lots and lots of exercise, and can be rambunctious in doors regardless. So far he gets a few fetch n walks lasting about 20 min and seems to entertain himself. Otherwise he’s often by my side. He’s learning the ways of the leash and stairs which terrify him. And his barking... comes and goes (my biggest concern with the breed and I’m hoping to catch and try to train him early) Is this something the grow out of? I’m hoping not because I love my cuddle buddy and will be sad to see him become a rebellious teen who doesn’t need his mom
  4. Hello. I’m new here and we have a 1 year old cairn named Barney. I’ve never had a cairn before (our last was a yorkie) and was hoping for some advice on our little one because he has been oh so sick the past few months and I just want him to feel better... We got Barns when he was 8 weeks old and from day one he was playful, energetic and happy. We started him on the puppy food the breeder used (bil jak chicken) and he was fine. We switched him to bil jak adult food in October and in mid November, his entire demeanor changed overnight it seemed. He became less playful and lethargic. He won’t touch his toys, tail is always down and he just looks sad. He’s been having digestive issues where his food is just going right through him and coming out really soft and swirly and he’s been so dehydrated lately that he’s been downing bowls of water and he’s so hungry all the time because I don’t think he’s getting enough nutrients from his food. The vet prescribed hills I/d dry food and an anti inflammatory but there was no change. We then tried royal canine ultimino food with a probiotic and a round of deworming and no change...we’ve had a CBC which came back normal and had his stool tested and they found no parasites in that...we thought maybe he had a chicken allergy so tried wellness salmon and potato and his stool did initially harden a bit but then after a few days it became soft and is going right through him. He had more blood work done yesterday to see if he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and we are awaiting the results. The vet says if it’s not that, they think it would either be IBD (in which case they would want to do an ultrasound and a biopsy) or blood cancer. I stumbled across a similar topic about IBD from a few years back and though I would start a new one to see if anyone else had any similar problems recently with their pups. It just breaks my heart to see him suffering like this and we don’t want to put him through unnecessary exploratory surgery if it’s not going to help him. Thank you!
  5. Ireland80

    New Puppy - When to begin Stripping?

    Newbie here so apologies upfront if I ask questions that I am sure have been asked before. We just brought home our first ever cairn. She is young, just a smidge over 9 weeks. I noticed when I visited her and her brothers that the boys had thicker top hair whereas our girl has fairly wispy thin top hair. Is this typical of younger cairns? When should we start stripping her top coat? Does it thicken with stripping and/or with age? She is pretty tolerant of me trimming her nails and the hair around her pads so I am wondering if there is anything I should be doing with her now that will aid in stripping later? TIA She has a black mask just on the lower part of her face and when she looks straight at you it looks exactly like a black mustache. She is cracking us up with her antics. fury.htm
  6. Andrewthi

    Aggressive 4.5 month old pup

    My puppy Buddy is 4.5 months old. When we brought him home at 3 months he was very mellow but now that he's gotten comfortable at his new house he's gotten very aggressive. I know at this age they can be pretty crazy, but everything I have tried so far is not working. This is my 4th Cairn and 3rd I've owned since a pup, but it's been 14 years since I had a puppy. After he eats and poops he gets very aggressive, biting, barking, running around (we call it zoomies). I've tried what I know so far.... saying no in a low voice is like white noise now. I've tried putting him on his back, holding scruff of neck, holding cheeks and looking in eyes, distracting with toys. My wife gets scared at these times. Please help. Thank you.
  7. We would like to find a cairn puppy or adult. We live in Kerrville, TX which about 60 miles from San Antonio, TX. The Alamo city. Thank you for any assistance.
  8. kkaroly

    help- is this a cairn?

    I am supposed to adopt a cairn in two weeks, i was just sent this picture-- does this look like a baby cairn? I believe he is about 6 weeks now, the hair looks much shorter than I expected-- will you please look and tell me if you think he will grow up in to a cairn? http://imgur.com/1EP2X3y
  9. Tami

    Newest family member

    Over a week ago we brought home the newest addition to our cairn family. His name is Frankie and is now 11 weeks old. He has an overbite so that's why we were able to get him then. We think he's adorable and it seems like Fearghus (4 1/2) and Fiona (2 1/2) have warmed up to him. Fiona especially likes to play with him and will correct him when those puppy-shark teeth get a hold of her ears. Right now we've been slowly working on getting him to sit. So far he knows that he has to sit to get a treat or to get out of his ex-pen. Here's just a few pictures. It's so hard to get good ones but will work on it. He still has his super soft puppy coat. I gotta get to work on stripping that but it's soooo soft and he's soooo roly poly that I kind of don't want to just yet.
  10. Lloydnrudy

    Experience with aggression

    Hello, I thought I would share my experience with my cairn, Rudy, and his aggression. About a year ago I wrote about problems that I was having with Rudy. He was biting people, attacking my friends and he even bit me at one point. I lost a fingernail, which is really painful! I received a lot of great advice here, but for some reason I wasn't getting anywhere. Rudy is a really friendly dog, he loves to play with other dogs, and he explodes with joy when he meets new people. He is quite emotional actually. I am used to training sled dogs.They are usually friendly, but can kill each other if their doggy hierarchy isn't clearly established. When working with them I used a big voice and rolled them if they got too saucy. I tried the same thing with Rudy,and encouraged others, my then partner, to do the same. Instead of the surrender, signaled with a sigh,that I expected, with Rudy his aggression just escalated. I thought a lot about the situations where he became aggressive. He is smart,but he is still a dog,and sometimes he reacts without thinking. I realised that when he was being aggressive he wasn't trying to claim the top spot for himself, he was either reacting to something scary, like getting grabbed while he was sleeping, or being protective and jealous of me. The best reaction in these situations is actually no reaction. He is sleeping, for example, and someone stomps by waking him up,Rudy leaps up in a rage, but everyone ignores him and he just looks around and realises everything is ok. Someone approaches me unexpectedly and Rudy freaks out, instead of yelling at him and escalating the situation, the person talks to Rudy in a friendly tone and Rudy realises that there is no threat. My strategy has changed from,show him that I am boss to show him not to fear. I stay calm and steady, the stiff upper lip, in the face of Rudy's panic. Since, there have been no more incidents of biting, he has had outbursts, but they have always ended in tail wagging and a bow stretch. With other dogs there has also been a change. If he is approached by a big scary dog, or if playing gets a bit too rough for him, instead of launching into attack mode, he looks to me for protection, hiding behind my legs. I realised that maybe I can't change his nature, but I can change how I react to it, this was a crucial revelation in our relationship.
  11. Lei-Quinn

    Heather is getting a brother!

    My DH and I go on Saturday to pick him out. He won't be coming home for a few more weeks. Right now he is a bit over a month old (born 2/13). And he really is Heather's brother. Or half brother to be correct. Same father, different mother. I have never been good at adding pictures but I will try when I get some.
  12. DemiSheep

    Potty training Tessa

    Ok, well we're on the verge of having Tessa, one week from today actually. (Yaaaay!! ). I did some searching on the forum and I went through my old posts asking about potty training Attila looking for an answer to a potty training question. btw, he is definitely potty trained, we haven't had an accident in forever with him. I guess that should be no surprise. The question is this: Is there any kind of time table for a puppy needing to go potty based on its age? We were taking Attila outside every 4 hours when we first got him, and there is the thing with taking them to go potty based on how many months old they are. I'll never forget taking Attila to the vet for shots one point and telling the vet we were taking him out in the middle of the night and she looked at me surprised and said "oh he can make it through the night fine at this age.." So it obviously doesn't seem to be a linear curve.. It seems as they get older the curve turns exponential... In other words as they get older they can go longer and longer without pottying and there being certain jumps in the age versus number of hours. So is there any kind of chart or more accurate information on this?
  13. I have a question about transitioning a puppy to adult food. We switched Attila to his adult food right about when he was 1 year old. We heard and read that this is the standard thing to do at this age. I also read that some times vets recommend people start feeding adult food to puppies when they're are kind of getting on the plump side. Tessa is about 3 months away from being a year old and she is definitely not a skinny dog. Attila was at her age and I would consider him quite lean still today. Tessa eats everything and anything and she is definitely heavier than I would like her to be. I think some cairns are thick bodied, and she seems to be this way. Do you guys think we could start transitioning her over to adult food? Or what are the guidelines for doing this early? She likes stealing Attila's food when she gets a chance.
  14. cplberen

    New puppy integration

    So, I need some advice. 12 days ago we added a 13 week old puppy girl (Dori) to our household. She's the assertive, fearless, let's take over the world type of girl. Our current cairn (2 yr old male -- Brego) has a very sweet submissive personality. He would like very much to play with her, but not every minute of the day, and is now being put off by her increasingly agressive attempts to get him to play with her. Complicating matters, we lost our oldest cairn to cancer a little over a week after we brought Dori home, so Brego is confused and responding to our own grief, as well as adjusting to having the puppy around. Our breeder (Carol Onstad) advised separating them when she crosses the line from eager to bullying, which puts an immediate stop to the problem. And we're making sure that Brego gets plenty of one-on-one attention. Long term, though, I'd like to figure out a way to moderate her behavior so the two of them can play and relax together. Any thoughts?
  15. Saya

    My First Cairn Puppy

    Hello Everyone, This forum is an amazing resource for new Cairn terrier owners such as my husband and I. Before we even decided on the breed, we spent time reading through the many, many posts on this forum. It has really helped us to be prepared for all the puppy behavior we are now in the midst of. Thank you so much for such a valuable resource! Here is a little bit of background. I have always had a dog in my life but I have never had a purebred dog or a small dog. Also, many of our dogs came from the pound as adults so this is my first puppy in a very long time. My husband, Nick, has never had a puppy and never had a dog growing up. We lost my last dog about a year and a half ago at 17 years old and we are just ready to have a new dog in our lives. Saya (pronounced sigh-a) is now 11 weeks old and she was 8 weeks when we brought her home from the breeder. The breeder we found is wonderful! They raise the puppies right in their living room around all the hustle and bustle, lots of people and all the adult dogs. She is extremely people friendly. We were able to visit her several times at the breeder and met her very sweet and gentle mom and dad many times before she was born and while she was tiny. I want to start by saying that we simply love our little girl and are not at all frustrated by what seems to be her normal puppy traits. I am writing this post to make sure that we are, in fact, doing all the right things with her training. We want her to grow up to be as sweet and good-natured as her parents are. She is doing wonderful with her housebreaking. She sleeps in her crate all night without a peep and has never had an accident in her crate. At about 9 weeks, it was very evident that she knew exactly what we were doing outside and she does her business everytime we go to her spot in the yard very quickly. I normally watch her for signs of having to go out and of course take her out after eating, a nap or playing. We have only had a handful of accidents. Once in a while she actually goes to the door but mostly it is because I am watching her. I heard about having them ring a bell to go out but I have two cats that I think would find the bell a bit too fun, sort of defeating the purpose. I say a lot of “Do you want to go outside??” in an excited tone and it does get her attention to the door. We also use “outside” as her potty word. Any other suggestions to teach her to let me know she has to go? She sits on command, walks very well on a leash and is starting PetSmart training classes on July 7th. She loves to bark at the cats but each time we say a firm and loud “no” and it is already getting much better! We have a small problem with the puppy nipping, certainly nothing extreme. She is definitely not being aggressive at all! Her tail is wagging although like many people have said it does really hurt sometimes. Luckily for us, the nipping is only when she is really riled up playing and 99% of the time a chew toy distraction is all she needs to leave our fingers alone. She never ignores a toy in favor of fingers. When she gets really nippy and over excited we use a firm “No” and either try to gag her or hold her bottom jaw gently until she backs away. In the rare instance that she comes back for more right away, we gently pick her up and bring her to her crate for a few minutes of time out. We do not make this crate time a bad experience, no yelling or anything, just to bed for a few minutes. 9 out of 10 times the cute little thing falls asleep in the crate after a few whimpers. Does this sound good so far? If we keep this up consistently, will she have a good chance of growing up to be a dog who doesn’t bite at all? I know terriers can be tough but I would like to be able to trust her when she is an adult. Her parents never showed any sign of aggression when we visited them. My biggest issue with her behavior is that when people visit the house she barks, jumps and really bites their fingers hard. She has her tail wagging as fast as she can and she keeps flipping over so they can rub her belly but her excitement is a bit much and I am worried that the biting will get worse because of this. She eventually calms down but it takes her a long time. We have told our guests to ignore her until she calms down but that loud high pitched bark and a jumping adorable puppy are hard to ignore. We have put her in her playpen and ignored her until she was calm but she was there for all of 20 minutes, maybe more. She is super friendly and not acting aggressive at all. No growling or showing teeth, just SO happy to meet them! I was unable to find much about this in the earlier posts. Also, there is no “happy pee” issue. Any suggestions?? Is ignoring her until she is calm the way to go? I am sorry this post is so long! It is the culmination of all my time spent reading posts and storing up questions of my own. I am a school teacher who has the whole summer to raise this puppy right and I want to make sure that our techniques so far sound good to those who are experienced with this adorable, spunky breed! Thank you!! Melissa
  16. DemiSheep

    Cairns just wanna have fun

    Here is a video recorded tonight, we put it to the music "Girls just wanna have fun"
  17. DemiSheep

    Attila and Tessa romping around

    Video of Attila and Tessa romping around tonight. They ended up spilling the water bowl after I stopped recording... http://s461.photobuc...nt=ecf957f6.mp4 Some form of WWF wrestling? Tessa can't get enough of Attila... Although in this video she seems a bit tired out.
  18. angela0119

    Preparing for Puppy

    Hello! I am new to the forum, and will be a proud owner to a Cairn puppy, Max, next month. He is still with the breeder as he is still less than a month old. When I say I am a newbie, I really am...not just to the forum but to Cairns as well. I've read so much about the breed and spoken with owners and I feel like I have chosen the perfect dog for our family. So, I am a working single parent. I work Mon-Fri, 8-5. Before you jump on me like some other folks have about getting a puppy, and being away from home so much, and how unfair that is to a dog....please know that I am going to do everything I can to make our dog's life happy. That being said, I'm trying to figure out how I will approach housebreaking him. Since I am at work during the day five days a week, I can't possibly keep him in a crate and would never dream of doing that. I also can't keep my eyes on him and stalk him around my house to train him since I won't be home. So, here's my game plan: Get a large petyard (the octogon shaped plastic gate kind) and keep in my living room or my bedroom while I am at work. Put his crate on one end, food and puppy pad on the other end. The breeder says her puppies are fairly well trained to a pad when they leave her. (we'll see...) Then, when I am home after work and on weekends, do the stalking and taking out and all that business. Crate him at night to sleep and take out first thing in the morning. As experienced owners, do you think this approach might work or am I going to confuse the heck out of him? Will it be best for me to put the petyard away when I am home or should I just treat that like his little home and leave him access to it always so that he won't associate it with being left alone? Help! :-)
  19. I took Attila for a walk today for 45 minutes, which we've been trying to do daily to help with his behavioral problems. The other days its' been cold and Attila didn't break a sweat but today it was like 78F and Attila was worn out at about the 38 minute mark. I offered to allow him to potty and or sniff around if he needed or wanted and he just laid down in the grass, but he did sniff around, while in a laying position. He was worn out, the last 7 minutes of the walk were drawn out, he tried to lay down again and walked slow the rest of the way home. My question is this, how long can adult dogs/cairn terriers walk? I would assume a lot longer than we humans can. Is it just because he's 7 months old that he can't do too much? The other issue is it was warmer today, where the other days we walked the exact same route and he didn't break a sweat, didn't even take a drink when we got home. My other question is, how does weather (temperature specifically) affect Cairn terriers? They definitely seem to be better off in the cold than the heat. Here in Ohio, we see all ranges of extreme weather, 100F at the hottest in the summer and -10F in the winter at the coldest, give or take a +/-10F on both maximums. DemiSheep
  20. Ok, I admit it...my wife and I got Tessa hooked on bullysticks on the way home from the breeder!! Boy are we in for some trouble.. Do they have bullystick savings funds for dogs? Next time you bring home a puppy, if you want to make the ride as peaceful as possible - make sure you have a bullystick. http://s461.photobuc...nt=cb04baf8.mp4 Posting this from photobucket, haven't done video's this way before hope it works! Edit: Ok so I don't know how to embed the video in the post... Edit 2: Please someone tell me if the video doesn't work!
  21. Just wanted to post a picture taken 2 weeks ago of Tessa and her siblings. Which one is she? Who knows.... Looks like their ears have started standing up already! (At least one of them...) Attila's birthday is Friday and we'll pickup Tessa (10 weeks old) two weeks after that!
  22. Well it's official... Attila's little sister, Tessa, is in this picture somewhere. This picture was taken this morning. She will be 4 weeks old Saturday and we'll be picking her up when she's 10 weeks old, so around March 24th. We can't wait to get her and Attila will now have a playmate buddy little sister.
  23. Bruce's Dad

    New Cairn Dad

    So I am anxiously waiting to pick up my puppy Bruce from the breeder. he will be 8 weeks old on the 21st but she is holding him for us till xmas eve after the kids go to bed. This will be a new experience for me as the only pet's ever in my house were outside cats growing up and a hairless cat my ex had. I have read as much info as I can find online and am really looking forward to raising a Cairn. I was wondering if anyone has setup rock piles in their back yards to give their cairns something to play on. I'm not looking to do agility or earthdog competitions but I would like to let Bruce had a fun place to play that mimics the conditions that would be instinctive. I was figuring on a rock pile with safe supported tunnels underneath and maybe a flat top for him to lay on and overlook the yard. and with places to hide treats or toys. And any tips for a new owner would be appreciated.


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