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Found 3 results

  1. nettydorko

    I definitely need advice

    Hello! I've googled so many tips on how to housebreak a puppy and I have never had any issue with potty training dogs I've had in the past until I got Theo, a Cairn Terrier. A lot of my friends have stated terriers are usually hard to train. I've had him for 3 weeks and he's still not potty-trained at 4 months old! He isn't neutered. We keep him on a consistent eating schedule, let him out first thing in the morning (to go poop and pee), middle of the day (to go pee) and before bed (to go poop and pee). I'm very familiar with his actions whenever he needs to go because he usually can't sit still and is always sniffing around. We live in an apartment, we've even provided 2 areas in the apartment with puppy pads for him to go potty. We've limited how much he can drink a day so that his peeing schedule isn't too hard to figure out. We use sprays that completely eliminate any areas he's gone on. Every time we take him outside, we're out for 15-30 minutes, I have him run around and I even rub his tummy to encourage him to pee/poo outside, but he's just always so distracted playing with sticks and digging. So far, he's only peed/pooped a total of 3 times outside, about 8 times on the puppy pad inside the apartment.. but all the other times, he's just peed or pooped wherever he wants. Every time we catch him in the action, we yell "NO!" and take him to the designated area(s) we would like for him to pee/poo on. One day I even had him on a leash on a puppy pad so that he isn't running around to potty ANYWHERE he likes in the apartment. I've taken away toys so he would just focus on going potty. I exclaim "go potty" every single time and when he goes potty in the right places, I reward him with a treat. He holds in his potty until my husband and I aren't looking, and it just gets really frustrating. The only thing my husband and I haven't tried are: getting him neutered or use those belly belt things. He's a cute little pup and he's extremely smart... but I feel like it's just in all the wrong ways. :/
  2. Harley is 4 and is housebroken (hates the rain so we do have a battle getting him to pee in the rain). Anyway the last 4 or 5 months he has started peeing on our things. Mainly it's our plastic laundry basket, my husbands work boots, the plastic container with dry cat food, and anything in our 3 year old daughter's room! If he gets in her room he will pee on her dolls, her blankets, anything he can! She is 3 and will occasionally get rough with him, but we always stop her. Harley does play with her and never seems aggressive toward her. He has special growl he gives when he has had enough. We just don't know how to stop this! Not sure if he is peeing on things out of jealousy or if he is marking his territory! He was neutered young... I can't remember how old, I just know it was as soon as the vet said we could. Any ideas or suggestions? We love him, he is so sweet. I always say he loves with is whole body, but we are at our wits end with this peeing! Thanks!
  3. 2ksforu

    Peeing in crate

    Hi everyone. I am a new member here. My family and I just recently adopted a cairn from my sister-in-law. She didn't really have the time that Mozart required and we were looking to adopt a pet similar to him anyways. So we have had him for almost a week. Well I learned tonight that he has been urinating in his crate after I place him in there for bedtime or when we go off. Mind you, he isn't in his crate very much at all. I am home with him during the day and when we go places its usually for a maximum of 2 hours. We kept the blanket that he has had from day one to minimize the separation anxiety. I have washed it once since we brought him home. Well tonight I go to place him in his crate for bedtime and I noticed the smell of urine. So I grabbed the blanket (which is on top of a pillow) and the smell was horrible and damp. So I took it out to wash it. Well I closed the crate and he whined for a little bit but eventually stopped. I went back downstairs to grab something and noticed there was fresh urine on his pillow. So he peed on his pillow after I placed him in his crate. UGH! I took him out right before putting him in his crate for the night and he went potty. What can I do to break this habit, because he's obviously doing it all the time and I just haven't noticed. We just purchased the pillow yesterday and I didn't wash it before hand. Should I have washed it? I got his crate from my in law and honestly feel its way too big for him but it's what she had used and therefore I just acquired it with him. And too, I think she would put a pee pad down at one end of the crate for during the day when she was gone to work and he was in there for several hours. I have got to break this. I mean could it be for pure attention, habit, or what? Any advice is needed and appreciated! I am also signing him up for training classes. He's a pretty calm and well behaved dog for only 8 months with no previous training at all. He rarely barks, only plays with his toys, sits and stays when you tell him too. But this peeing in his crate has got to go! :-)


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