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Found 13 results

  1. bradl

    Signals vs Commands

    Interesting article about a study comparing the effectiveness of hand signals to voice commands. Are Voice Commands or Hand Signals More Effective for Dogs? — Psychology Today
  2. Today Team Toto competed in Team Obedience at the Rose City Classic Dog Show in Portland, Oregon. The team scored an impressive 361 point out of a possible 400 and took home first place ribbons. A great time was had by all (dogs & handlers) and we will be back for the summer shows.
  3. Betsy Leiss

    Therapy Dog Cairn?

    I'm very interested in pursuing Therapy Dog International certification for my cairn. She is almost ten months old, and is doing pretty good with obedience. But, she is so crazy around New people, Places, and Situations! She squeals like a pig and is hard to control, even after being in a new place for half an hour. Same thing if a new person or dog comes to our home. I've exhausted every technique I know or could find on the internet to calm this behavior. She'll never pass the cert test (nor should she) with this type of behavior, but I think she has so much to offer people with special nee
  4. Another lovely article about obedience. The View from the Back of the Pack: Thomas Goes to the NOC. I'm sometimes confused to find myself tearing up a bit watching obedience and Judith's articles go a long way to helping me understand why that might be.
  5. bradl

    Stella earns her CDX

    Today Stella and I finally managed to keep it together enough to score a third qualifying leg in Open A and earn her CDX. What a long strange trip this has been! I'll probably write a blog post about it later but for now I could just bust my buttons with love for this little dynamo. She may have driven me crazy (and I, her) but one thing that can be safely said is that from start to finish on this journey her tail never stopped wagging and I never stopped hearing laughter (and the occasional gasp) from ringside. Gotta love a Cairn in the OB ring. Here's a happy-snap from the awards.
  6. Just for the heck of it, I've added a "Companion Challenge." It's to encourage more Cairns to participate and enjoy obedience. The Challenge: the Challenge encourages you to make a public commitment to training your dog and demonstrating the success of your teamwork by earning an AKC obedience title. CairnTalk bonus limited-time offer: To encourage those new to obedience I will send any forum member who earns their first AKC Novice (CD — Companion Dog) title a CairnTalk hat and apply (or extend) a "CairnTalk subscriber" membership for one year. The two conditions for the bonus of
  7. bradl

    Granger earns his CD

    Granger earned his third qualifying leg and therefore his CD (Companion Dog) title this Saturday at the Wild Rivers Cluster in Roseburg, OR. His score was 186.5 which I was pleased with considering it was a fairly challenging environment: a carpeted ring that by the third day had been peed on, pooped on, and the second dog in the ring in his class that very morning vomited in the ring! Needless to say many of the dogs were distracted over in that corner of the ring for the rest of the weekend. Several exhibitors ended up referring to that quadrant as Calamity Corner. Granger nearl
  8. bradl

    Stella's Q at WSOTC

    Competition-style obedience with Stella has been an interesting — and marathon — experience. Stella is a third-generation Master Earthdog (May 2006, at age two) but it took until summer of 2008 to get a Rally Novice and October of 2009 to get her CD. Peggy did all the obedience work through CD, while I worked with Echo. After Stella's CD we switched dogs and Stella and I started down the long road to being able to even plausibly enter Open A. We hit a roadblock with the dumbbell though, and it took nearly five years to overcome. It took until July of 2014 to enter Open with any hop
  9. bradl

    Stella Q at WSOTC

    I promised some photos from Stella's Q number 2 at the obedience trial the day after Cairntastic Day. Here's a teaser and there are a couple more in this blog entry.
  10. Well-written performance-oriented dog-blog featuring a Cairn Terrier. Five Stations of the Dog. As soon as I started reading the articles I realized that Thomas and his thoughtful handler have graced our specialty obedience ring before ... and I believe are entered again this year. You can bet we'll all be cheering them on!
  11. bradl

    Jingle Bear

    Bear (and Maria) are in the Saturday obedience class we go to. Today Bear was wearing four anklets with bells and a collar with a bell. It's hard to tell in the video unless you listen close, but it sure sounded like Christmas at class today. It was very festive. Bear seemed completely oblivious to the noise. He's quite a steady fellow.
  12. We've been putting Attila in his play-pen sometimes when he's naughty, and I was wondering if dogs can understand what it means. Have any of you ever seen that the dog understood and changed his behavior for the better? Attila will play bite us and we'll correct him and sometimes put him in his playpen for a timeout. But after I get him out he'll play bite again sometimes right away and back in he goes. So I am starting to doubt it does any good. Most of the time I just put him on his side to correct him, but sometimes I don't have the time to sit there holding him on the ground.
  13. twowetnoses

    Growling/Bitter Apple

    First a little background: Ruby, my Cairn, is 6 months old. About 2 months ago, she started becoming very barky/snarly/growly/lunge-y whenever she meets strange dogs. She sounds vicious, but it's just noise, because once she's nose to nose with the other dog, she's very friendly and submissive and sweet. She cohabitates nicely with our 11 year old Westie and two cats, and is "friends" with many of the dogs in the neighborhood that visit with her through our chain link fence. I take her for walks around the nieghborhood every day, but we don't come across too many dogs on our walks. And unfortu


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