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Found 4 results

  1. sanford

    Cabin Fever

    I hope all the pooches and uprights on this site are managing to cope with the health crisis. Like many folks, I'm feeing stressed as life in the city continues to be challenging. In the midst of all this I actually just had a good chuckle - which prompts this post - Hopefully to pass along some good cheer ...based on a chance remark by a friend who mentioned the name of their childhood dog: "Dimples". That name tickled my funny bone and reminded me of others that I've come across: Shorty, Biscotti, Mojito, Olive and Tomato, (litter mates), Fatty, Helen, etc. Just to pass the time, it would be nice to hear some cool names from others.😀
  2. _whits_


    As I've been reading this forum over the past year, I feel like I've gotten to know Dempsy, Kelly, Bruce, Jack, Attila, Tessa, Ivy, Zekey, Haggis, Ripley, Bonnie, Dundee, Sammi and countless others. But it got me curious. I'm wondering how and why you all chose the names you did.
  3. Hagar

    How did you name your Cairn?

    I haven't seen this topic in a while, and since there are a lot of new members it should be a fun topic. How did you pick his/her name? When I first got Renny, I had another name picked out, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. So, after a couple of weeks of a name that I liked less and less, I figured I had to find a more appropriate name for him. Since the Cairn originated in Scotland, I decided to try to find a Scottish name. I actually know very little about Scotland, and started searching the web for a Scottish name that would fit. I learned that three languages are spoken in Scotland. Scottish, Gaelic, and English. What little I could find out about the actual Scottish language seemed to show that it was used by very few Scots, and that Gaelic was more common. After some more checking around, I came up with a list similar to what you'd find in a "Names for Baby" type of book and found a list of Boys names based on the Gaelic language. The list had quite a few names along with the meaning of the name. After narrowing the list down to about six or seven names, I settled on "Renny". The name means "small but mighty" and since a Cairn is strong for their size, the name just fit perfectly. It is different without being too "strange". So, how did you name your Cairn?
  4. Cairns2

    What's in a name?

    Would any of you like to share how you chose your Cairn's name? There are some very clever names in this forum! My first Cairn, Andy, was named after St. Andrew's Country Club Eric is named after Eric Clapton We chose Emma since we were still healing after Andy's death and Emma means "healer of the universe".


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