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Found 2 results

  1. Mobile phone cameras are so good that their images are suitable for printing. But that means they are far too large for online use without resizing them down. My phone photos are synced automatically to my desktop so I generally resize photos on my desktop (using Apple's free Preview application) and upload them into posts from my desktop. But sometimes all we have is a photo on our camera roll. How to make these high-resolution images smaller and more suitable for use in a post? If you search online for phone resizing apps you will find dozens. So this is just one I found for IOS (iPhone) that seems to work, is relatively simple, and has a free version and paid version (.99). The free version adds a relatively mild watermark; paying less than a dollar gives you a version that has no watermark. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-resizer-free/id1059246327?mt=8 Here is a screenshot of the app: Here is a random image off my phone pulled into the resizing app: Note the original image is 4032 x 3024 pixels and over 3MB in size. Too big for use in a post. By touching the "S" (or by sliding the slider at the bottom) I resize the image. Touch the disk icon to save the resized image to your camera roll. After saving, the image has been resized to Small (640 x 480) and is now only 82KB in size. This image is now well within posting limits. Medium (1024 x 768) is also a good size for images where you want to make a bigger impact. As long as the resulting file size in bytes is smaller than your upload limit, you can use the slider or touch the dimensions to make the photo any size you want. I apologize for only having an IOS recommendation at this moment. If you use an Android device and use a resizing app that you recommend, please share. Thanks!
  2. While CairnTalk works surprising well on tablets and phones (at least compared to the old days!) certain things are a bit less intuitive when using fingers and touch devices rather than keyboards and mice. For instance it is easy to inadvertently add a quote tag or spoiler into the edit box with an errant finger touch on a formatting button — but it is much less clear how to remove it. Simply backspacing over it like you would on a desktop does not work! Here's how to remove accidental quote boxes using, in this example, an iPhone. The process is the same for both spoilers and quotes and applies to most portable devices like phones and tablets. First, touch the quote box to activate it. You will see the text entry area pop into focus ready to receive text. Next, touch the small box-with-arrows in the upper-left corner of the quote box to highlight the control icon. Finally, press backspace-delete on your device "keyboard." This will delete the entire box. The process in screenshots. The highlighting of the control is *very* subtle. The control must be highlighted in order to delete it. not yet highlighted highlighted and ready to delete The software developers are aware that it needs to be easier to delete quote boxes and similar for mobile users, so look forward to a day when you will probably be able to just backspace over the box and be done with it. Until then, happy deleting


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