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Found 20 results

  1. bradl

    Personal Messages

    Sometimes you may want to send a direct personal message to a poster. There are a couple of ways to access the messaging system. Accessing Messages One way is to access the messaging system directly, using the icon in the "userbar" section of the page header. When composing the message, you will begin typing the display name of the person you want to message and when it appears in the autocomplete list, select it. Another method is from the profile page of the person you want to message. If you click on their name or avatar you will be taken to their profile page. On the profile there is a Message tab. This will open the message compose box with the person already selected. You can also access the message system and save one step by using the Message link on the profile hovercard — a mini-profile that pops up if you hover your mouse over a username or avatar. A note about notifications After you send your message, by default the member will get a notification that they have received a message. However you as a member have control over how or if you are notified about PMs. You can even turn off the messenger so that no one can send you a PM. To control how you are notified about PMs, go to Account Settings → Notification Settings. You can choose to be notified by email or by a little bubble on the messages icon in the userbar, with a popup when you visit the site, or all or none. Some members may turn off messaging altogether. That setting is located at the bottom of your Messages inbox: If a member has turned off messaging, attempts to message them will generate a notice to you that the member cannot receive messages. PMs — Not (usually) for Technical Support Please don't use PMs for site technical support unless the issue is genuinely private and personal (which is somewhat rare — perhaps an issue with PayPal or Stripe, or similar). If you are having errors, are curious about functionality, would like to do something but can't, or encounter similar situations related to using the site, please open a new topic in Site Support. Almost certainly someone else whether now or in the future will have the same or a similar question. Having both the question and answers viewable by all may help a future member be successful with the site. You may also get a faster answer if someone who already knows the answer is online before I can get to it
  2. bradl

    Embed a Youtube Video

    You want to share a youtube video. Great! We can't wait to see it. Instead of sending us away to watch it, embed it right there in your post or comment. Copy the Correct Share Link First, get the correct address for the youtube you're sharing. Find it with the Share link below the video. Paste the Share Link With the share URL (address) copied to your clipboard, paste it onto a new line in your post or comment. https://youtu.be/vPKKrmgUmcY Immediately (more or less … it may take a moment or two) the video will be fetched and embedded for viewing right where you placed it. Sometimes you might have to add a space after the URL or hit Return. Here is what happens when I paste the URL sample above: Video and Gallery Albums At the moment the gallery does not support youtube as an image type. It may in the future. For now, if you want to include a youtube video in a gallery album, upload a still photo as a placeholder album image and then paste the youtube link into the description or as a comment. Troubleshooting If the video does not embed, here are some things to check: Wait a few seconds after pasting. Slow networks may take a while to complete the fetching process. Make sure you pasted the URL on a blank line; follow it with a space or carriage return Do you have the correct URL? If the URL is long and complicated with question marks and other special characters in it (such as you might see in your browser address bar while watching the video) you may have a private or other special URL that our site can't recognize as a shareable video. Use the Share link below the video instead. Are you pasting formatted text? Sometimes text that looks normal is actually formatted HTML that the media parser may not recognize as a simple text URL. As a test, paste your link into Notepad or TextEdit or any plain-text editor first to remove the formatting (not Word or anything that supports formatting), then copy the now-plain-text URL and paste it into the comment box. It might now embed. Do you have a browser security setting that is conflicting with our site? Rare, but just in case, "whitelist" our site in your browser security settings. You can google how to do that for your specific device and browser.
  3. The AKC Health RSS feed is defective coming in from the AKC (I've submitted feedback about it). The feed pointer back to the original AKC source is a "relative URL" (assumes the target file is on the local server — example "/content/blah-blah") rather than an absolute URL (the fully qualified path to the file, assuming nothing about the starting point — example "http://www.akc.org/content/blah-blah"). This means that when the automatic blog entry is created here on CairnTalk the automatically created View Source Article link leads to a page not found error message. Boo, hiss. However you can easily reach the source article by making a small edit in your browser address bar. Replace https://www.cairntalk.net with https://www.akc.org leaving everything else the same. This is the address that the AKC should be providing in their RSS feed and will take you to the source article on the AKC site, as intended. I've edited a couple of the entries manually so they work properly, but I am unlikely to keep up with them, so new entries will arrive broken until the AKC adjusts their feed. Also old articles will be broken. I'm not sure how long ago the feed stopped working correctly. Here's how to fix it in screenshots. Bad link, showing CairnTalk as the address Edit the address in your browser
  4. The background picker is back To change the header image, click the image icon in your userbar, click your chosen background, then click the image icon a second time to dismiss the chooser.
  5. While CairnTalk works surprising well on tablets and phones (at least compared to the old days!) certain things are a bit less intuitive when using fingers and touch devices rather than keyboards and mice. For instance it is easy to inadvertently add a quote tag or spoiler into the edit box with an errant finger touch on a formatting button — but it is much less clear how to remove it. Simply backspacing over it like you would on a desktop does not work! Here's how to remove accidental quote boxes using, in this example, an iPhone. The process is the same for both spoilers and quotes and applies to most portable devices like phones and tablets. First, touch the quote box to activate it. You will see the text entry area pop into focus ready to receive text. Next, touch the small box-with-arrows in the upper-left corner of the quote box to highlight the control icon. Finally, press backspace-delete on your device "keyboard." This will delete the entire box. The process in screenshots. The highlighting of the control is *very* subtle. The control must be highlighted in order to delete it. not yet highlighted highlighted and ready to delete The software developers are aware that it needs to be easier to delete quote boxes and similar for mobile users, so look forward to a day when you will probably be able to just backspace over the box and be done with it. Until then, happy deleting
  6. bradl

    Photos and Attachments

    The old "inserting pictures into posts" and "insert attachments" topics have become obsolete with newer versions of the forum software so here's a quick rundown of several ways you can get attachments — usually photos — into posts. I have a photo on my desktop If you have an appropriately sized photo on your desktop the simplest way to upload it is to just drag it onto the attachment manager (anywhere in the shaded attachment area). The attachment area will highlight when the image is over the appropriate area. If you are using a tablet or something without a desktop you can use the 'choose files' link instead, then navigate your device to the photo location to select it for uploading. Tip: If there is a filesize limit it will be displayed near the paperclip attachment icon. Be sure the filesize of the image you are uploading is smaller than the limit (you'll get an error message if your image is too big). How big is my photo? Wait for a moment while the photo uploads. Position your cursor where you want to see the photo, and then with your pointer click the (+) icon on the image in the attachment manager to insert the photo at the cursor location. I clicked the insert (+) icon and here's my photo! If you change your mind you can delete the image from the attachment manager by clicking the trashcan on the image. Always use the trashcan icon to delete unwanted and unused attachments. Instead of backspacing over the preview image, click the trashcan and both the attachment and the preview will be deleted at once. If the attachment is still showing in the attachment manager it is still being counted as part of your attachment size limits and may even appear (unasked) in your post. To truly delete it use the trashcan icon to remove it from the attachment manager completely. You can now either submit your post or continue to edit the text until you are happy. If you accidentally delete the preview of the attachment, no worries, just put the cursor back where you want it and click the insert icon again. As long as the attachment is shown in the attachment manager section it can be inserted anywhere (or deleted). Link Image to URL, Change Display Size, Align Left or Right Link Image A fairly common thing to do is to use a photo to link to a different web page. Think of nearly every web advertisement you have ever seen You can do a similar thing with benign intent by setting a URL (web address) for your photo to link to. This is optional. If you do nothing the photo will link to itself and simply pop up in its own window or perhaps display in a nice lightbox. But if you wanted your photo of an agility Cairn to link to an online article about that dog, you could copy the article URL and then set your photo to link to it. Here's how. Double-click on the inserted image to bring up this dialog box: Paste the URL of the article into the Link URL field and Update. Done! Display Size Note that you can also change the display size of the photo. Important: the original photo (no matter what its size) is still loaded and is not affected. Only the size of the display on-screen is affected. If your file is 1MB in filesize and 2040 pixels wide, changing it to 450 pixels wide will make it look smaller, but the full 1MB file is still being loaded and it's still using 1MB of your available attachment space. For this reason, the Size option is rarely used. It is very handy though if you want to use both a large version and a small version of the same image on the same page — you can upload the image once and then force one version to display smaller. Alignment If you have the desire to try some fancy formatting, you can also force your image to the right margin of your post by setting the alignment to Right. Reusing Attachments If you want to use the same photo in more than one post you can save some attachment space by reusing a previous attachment rather than uploading copies of the same thing over and over again. To reuse an attachment use the Insert other media button, the choose Insert existing attachment. Be sure to click the gray checkmark on the image you want to use so that it highlights a different color.Then click the insert Selected button to insert the image at the cursor location. More than likely you will have more than one image to choose from You can select more than one image to insert. If you have pages and pages of attachments to choose from, rather than scroll through the pages one by one you can search for parts of the photo filename to narrow down the search. Embed a Remote Image Embedding or 'hotlinking' a remote image fetches the image from wherever it is on the Internet and inserts it into your post. To preserve your attachment space, this really the best option for using images in most posts for most people, using an image hosting service to store a nearly unlimited number of images, then embedding the image you want here when you want to share it in a post. Important: the image must be in a publicly accessible place on the internet. The image cannot be on your own desktop as you are the only person who can access the image there! You can embed an image (without uploading an attachment) in two ways. Both ways require you know the URL of the image. I always test my URL by pasting it into the address bar of browser tab and verifying the image loads. Then I paste that tested URL in one of the ways shown below. The simplest way is to just paste it into your post! If the image can be loaded it will be fetched and embedded automatically. Not all images will embed: the owner may prevent it from being 'hotlinked' or the image URL may be in a format the software cannot deal with directly. As if by magic, an image appears from the remote location. If it doesn't work, try pasting the URL on its own line, followed by Enter. (The same goes for youtube URLs.) If it still doesn't work it may be for any number of reasons, the two most likely being the source site owner has prevented hotlinking by technical means or the URL is in a format the forum doesn't understand. You can also do essentially the same thing by using the Insert other media button an choosing Insert image from URL. A note about remote images. There are some risks with embedding images. The owner of the remote image may prevent you from embedding it using technical means, delete it at some point in the future (leaving you with a broken image link) or worse, change it to something really embarrassing later (keeping the same filename so the image embeds as usual, only now it's a different image than you originally saw). Despite those risks, embedding a remote image is without doubt the fastest and easiest way to get a photo into your post. Have Fun Images help a forum come to life. I hope some of this information helps you share some of yours with the community. If you want to practice, please use the Test Forum — your posts there are seen only by yourself and administrators so it's a safe place to experiment. When you get the result you like you then have the knowledge to recreate your public post in the appropriate forum. Getting Help If you need help working with images, please use this topic or start a new topic here in Forum Support.
  7. Sometimes you'd like to link to something in the middle of a sentence where it really hurts readability to just paste a long URL that looks like gibberish. To turn the appropriate words in your sentence into a link to the referenced site, use the Link button in the text editor to make your link. Before: The fix: The easiest way to link text is to highlight the word or phrase you like to be the link — such as Crater Lake — and then click the link icon and paste your link URL into the popup URL field. After: If you want to change your link text (or URL) you can double-click the link while in the editor and it will bring the popup back. Pro tip - image links: You can double-click on embedded images and do a similar thing. Here I'll link a photo of our gone but never forgotten Haggis to a page about the other haggis. Since the photo is already on the web I simply paste the image URL into the editor and hit return to embed the image; then I'll click on the image while still in the editor and paste in the destination URL I want to link to. Now I can display an image and have it link somewhere else. Clicking on the image of Haggis below brings you to a recipe for his namesake. Have fun linking. As always, feel free to play and practice with these features in the Test Forum, and ask for help using them here in Forum Support.
  8. bradl

    Add a dog anniversary

    Did you know you can add your dog's birthday (or gotcha day if you don't know the birthdate) to the calendar? If it's your dog's anniversary it will be featured as Today's Dog on the front page. To add your dog's anniversary date to the calendar, you'll add an all-day event, select the Dog Anniversary calendar, and set the event to repeat annually. You can add an event from your +Create menu or from the calendar page. 1. Set the new event to be "all-day." 2. Edit the day to reflect the birthday or anniversary (you can set the year too although the calendar doesn't keep track of age like your birthday can in your personal account profile). Set the event to repeat (optional, but necessary if you don't want to have to keep adding it every year). Note: it is a sad inevitable fact that all our dogs will die eventually. This means that at some point you will be reminded of the birthday of a dog who has passed. If this will cause you more stress than you can handle you can ask me to remove your dog's calendar entry at the appropriate time. Or you may consider whether you want to add your dog at all. It's up to you. 3. Give the event title your dog's name. For the sake of front page readability please limit the title to the dog's short "call" name only. In the description for birthdays I like to add the actual birth year to give visitors some context. Explain what the event is recognizing (birthday, gotcha day) in the description. The calendar entry edit box is similar to the post box so you can even add photos or a story if you like. You also have the option of adding a cover photo for the event (similar to your profile). Be certain you are adding this event to the Dog Anniversary calendar. 4. Save the event and on your dog's anniversary it will be listed as Today's Dog. If you make a mistake (it happens on setting the date sometimes) you should be able to edit the event you just created for a limited time (typically two hours).
  9. For logged-in members: If you would prefer to remove the block on the front page that shows recent posts you can turn it off by clicking the gear cog at the right of the Recently discussed forum topics heading. The forum index page will display thereafter without the block. If after disabling the block you find you miss its utility and would like to reenable it, go to your account settings page, click the Who We Are tab, and toggle the setting back on.
  10. bradl

    Alternative Themes

    I recently made the unmodified forum test theme available to members. You can change the theme used for your sessions using the drop-down select menu at the page footer. Sometimes when there is a display or performance oddity it is helpful to compare behavior between the customized site theme (what we use every day) and the "as-shipped" unmodified theme from the developers. The "test" theme is usually called IPS Support. If the behavior is the same we can rule out the source of an oddity being added custom coding. You may also sometimes see additional themes available. These may be temporary, experimental, or seasonal themes. Feel free to set your preference to any theme you like. However be advised that when an experimental or temporary theme is removed your display will simply revert back to whatever theme has been set as the overall forum default. So don't be surprised if that happens. I only formally support the forum default theme (normally named CairnTalk (version number). If a new theme is "promoted" to the main theme at some point in the future, it would be renamed CairnTalk and set to default. When changing themes only the visual styling should be affected; overall functionality is meant to be exactly the same regardless of theme appearance.
  11. bradl

    How Big is my Photo?

    As you may have noticed, we love photos of Cairns and their companions on CairnTalk. If you haven't used a forum before it can sometimes be a puzzlement when trying to upload your first photos. If you tried to upload a photo direct from your camera or phone, you probably got a message saying it was too big. Since the web uses lower resolutions than printing photos, the number of pixels in the average camera image are far too many to display on a screen. So in most cases you will be resizing your images to be smaller in order to display well on a forum. But how big ARE you photos? It's often useful to know how big a photo is. Sometimes we want to know the size in pixels so we know how big it will appear on-screen and sometimes we want to know how big it is in file size so we know if it will fit in our allotted disk storage space. File Size: Whenever you are uploading an image, there will be fine print on the upload dialog box with the file size limit, if any. The limits vary depending on your use (user avatar photos are small, profile cover images are bigger, photos for posts and gallery albums are typically biggest). The file size will be listed as KB or MB. For example, .5MB is the same as 500KB. Pixel Size: For a forum post a good image size in pixels that will display nicely for a majority of users (who may be using phones or tablets or desktops or desktops with Really Big Displays) is somewhere between 500 and 1024 pixels wide. I frequently choose 800 pixels. Not so small as to be a postage stamp on a big monitor, but not too big for lower resolution displays. The forum software may size down your image slightly if it's larger (say 1024 pixels wide) so as not to break the page layout, but we can usually view your image in all its full sized glory by clicking on it. But, you ask, how do I know how big the photo is? Here are some instructions I found from a google search results on that very question, courtesy of the folks from Constant Contact. I've edited it slightly. Errors are probably mine, not CC's. Using Your Web Browser To find the file size and dimensions of an image that is currently on a webpage: View the image URL in your web browser. Place your cursor over the image, and right-click (PC) or Ctrl-click (Mac). If you're using: Internet Explorer - Choose Properties. Firefox - Choose View Image Info. Safari - Choose Inspect Element and then click on Images on the left-hand side. Click on the image and view the properties in the Styles section on the right-hand side. Note: Safari doesn't display the image file size, but you can typically Ctrl-click to save the image and view the properties on your desktop as described below. Chrome - You can install an app that lets you view the properties within the browser. Locate the "Size" line that shows the image's file size and the "Dimensions" line to see the height and width in pixels. You may also be able to drag the image off the screen and onto your desktop where you can examine it as a file on your computer as described below. A Saved File on Your Computer To find out the file size and dimensions of an image that is stored on your computer (generic insructions): Open the file where the image is saved. Place your cursor over the image icon, and right-click if you are using a PC or Ctrl-click if you are using a Mac. Choose Properties. Click the Details tab. Scroll down to the: Image section - To view the image dimensions. File section - To view the image file size. The exact procedure may vary slightly depending on operating systems and whatnot, but these tips should give you an idea of how and where to look to discover the file size and image dimensions of your photo. For example, here are the file properties of an image on a Mac, found by highlighting the image on my desktop and clicking CMD-i (command-i) to get file information.
  12. Spiff up your profile with a cover photo. Viewing your profile, touch the Cover Photo button to pop up the Upload Photo link, drag a photo (max filesize 250KB 500KB) onto the uploader, position the photo vertically how you like it, then Save. You can delete or change them any time. Cover photos are available to registered users with 3 or more posts. Have fun!
  13. A forum-support question came up asking why the emoticon picker was missing from the post/reply box on iPads. Bad news, good news It is true, the editor does not support the emoticon picker on mobile devices. But there is a workaround! You can type the BBCode for the emoticon instead. For example to add a smiley such as LOL type this code in the compose box wherever you want the smiley to go: When you Preview or Post your entry, the software will replace the code with the corresponding smiley. On mobile devices you won't see the smiley replace the code except in the Preview and Post views. In the compose box you will still see the code. That's normal. Manually entering emoticons works in the compose/edit/post box whether on mobile or on a desktop system. Indeed I rarely use the picker anywhere as for me it's faster to type them, especially since there are only a few I use often. I do resort to the picker when I can't remember what the code is for a less frequently used smiley. Here's a full list of the currently available emoticons that you can enter this way. You can guess what most of them will produce and you can always test them (in a test topic, please) and preview them. iPad and mobile users may want to memorize or make a note of their favorites, or bookmark this topic to come back to. <_<:o:P:arrow: I am led to believe that in the next version of this software (being released this year sometime) that an emoticon picker may be included that works on tablets, etc. Until then, we'll just do things the old-fashioned way Good luck, have fun, and may the smiley's be with you
  14. bradl

    Ignore User

    While it's a feature of next-to-last resort (account deactivation probably being last resort), did you know you can let the forum software ignore users for you? Hover your mouse over the user you would like to ignore and choose Ignore user from the hovercard popup. It may not perfectly insulate you from unwanted content (for example admins cannot be ignored, so sorry, you're stuck with me) but it can do a pretty good job of filtering out other people's input, if that's your need. Sigh, this appears to be a day for highlighting terrible forum features.
  15. bradl

    Account Deactivation

    As much as it pained me to pay for an application that helps people NOT participate, I added the capability to deactivate (or optionally, delete) your account. Account Settings → Other → Account Deactivation Deactivation primarily renders your profile inaccessible and turns off the ability of the forum to contact you further with either automated messages or PMs. Content already posted belongs to the community and will not be bulk deleted.
  16. hheldorfer

    Sending a PM to another member

    On the new forum, how do I send a personal message to another member (and NOT post it on their feed)?
  17. bradl

    Spoiler Alert!

    If you want to post something and avoid spoiling a result for others (such as the outcome of an event that many watch live but others may not get to see until later) you can format your text using the spoiler tag. If you want to include detailed content in a post but also allow people to read the main information and skip over the details unless they want to "dig in deeper" you can format your post using the spoiler tag. You can even write a quiz with answers using the spoiler tag. But which formatting button does this magic? While it's not often used, the spoiler tag can be very useful in certain situations. Use the spoiler tag wisely
  18. Suppose you have already uploaded an attachment or gallery image and would like to insert it directly into a different post. Rather than upload another copy (and further reduce your available attachment space) you can use "My Media" to locate and insert your image or attachment. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
  19. www.flickr.com www.photobucket.com www.imageshack.us If you would like to link to an image but don't have a site of your own to host it, you have the option of using a free or paid image hosting site. Note: Some image hosting sites use 'dynamic' or scripted methods to serve the pictures. For security reasons, this forum does not allow dynamic images. The sites listed above all support direct linking (or did at the time they were listed). If you find other free sites that Cairn Talk members might find useful for image hosting, and the site supports direct linking, feel free to post them in this topic. For more information about how to link an image, and how to recognize dynamic images, see this topic: http://www.cairnterr...?showtopic=507# Edit: update list of free image hosts used by CairnTalk members
  20. bradl

    How to Quote

    Quoting is easy, but please think twice before quoting. Here are some do's and don'ts for appropriate quoting. Quote only when necessary to establish a specific context for your added comments. If you are responding directly to the topic title or question it is not necessary to quote at all - that's the whole reason for the topic in the first place; the only exception might be if the thread has wandered so far off-topic that you NEED to make it clear you are responding to the original topic - which frankly you can do more quickly and easily by simply saying, "Back on topic, ... " Never quote a post in its entirety - especially one that is still right on the page for anyone to see. Use the Quote button to capture the post for your quote, but then always trim the quote to the bare minimum necessary to make it clear what you are responding to. Don't just replicate the entire post - that's already been posted. A quote is a good thing when you are responding only to one small part of a larger post - but trim your quote to make it clear which specific part you are responding to! If you're pasting in text from somewhere else to quote, make it clear that it is a quote by selecting the pasted text and using the editor button to wrap the text in quote formatting, like so:


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