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Found 8 results

  1. I am aware that Carin Terriers are inherently stubborn, but Teddy takes it to a whole new level! When we got him last year we continued to buy the food that the breeder was feeding him so he didn't have to deal with a change. About 6 months after eating this brand of food (TLC dog food) he lost interest in it and refused to eat it, no matter what we mixed with it (peanut butter, rice, cheese etc...). We then switched him to Proformatrin dog food which is the brand that Pet Valu makes (not sure if there are any Canadians reading this, but I believe it may only be a Canadian brand). Anyways he took very quickly to this new food. Now again about 6 months later he refuses to eat this food. We went to the pet store to ask what to do, they generously gave us samples of different flavours of the same brand, and had Teddy test out which he preferred. He seemed to take a liking to a potato/salmon flavour so we bought a new bag. Today we opened a brand new bag and scooped out the food into his bowl. He came over, sniffed it and walked away. My husband and I were beside ourselves. We tried again mixing in peanut butter to male it more desireable but he just licked the peanut butter off and spat out the kibble. It is so strange because just this morning he ate the exact same flavour from the sample bag. We really have no idea what to do with him. We keep returning the full bags of dog food back to the shop. We don't know if he's just easily bored of the flavours or if the kibble is too hard for him to chew. Has anyone else experience this with their cairn? Has anyone moved away from kibble all together and are home making food? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. bradl

    Dog Food Advisor Recall Alerts

    It can be difficult if not impossible to keep track of all the recalls of commercial dog food. One tool that might help is DogFoodAdvisor's Get Dog Food Recall Alerts by Email. So far as I can tell the recall notice service itself is noncommercial. Should I be wrong or it becomes otherwise at some point, I will nuke my own post from orbit per guidelines
  3. Ireland80

    PDX Trainer Suggestions

    We live near Portland, OR and would love suggestions for a great place to take our cairn (& our human daughter ) for training. Fury just turned two, has pretty good manners & knows some basic commands but she definitely lives up to her namesake on occasion- primarily with stealing people food off the table and then having the occasional house accident.
  4. teddybearsmommy

    aggressive or something else?

    I wrote this on my status but got great advice to write it here to get more help so i just retyed it.i dont know whats going on with teddybear he was told to get off the bed by daddy and he growled at him then jumped off the bed then jumped back up and jumped in my lap and daddy went to grab him and he grawled at him and snaped at him but daddy stayed calm toke him off my laped layed him on his side and told him no thats a bad boy then put him on time out but why is he acting like that? and was that the right way to handle him? Or do you think he knows that I wasn't feeling good and thought he need to protect me? but my hubby has never ever put is hands on me and never would PS I'm I doing his food wrong?? We use a cool whip container as a food jar and we feel it to the top and leave it down all day and night and has his water Despenser next to it are we feeding him to much? And should we not leave it down all day?
  5. Hello All, Just found this site! Kudos to everyone who contributes and thanks for sharing your personal stories of your cainin adventures in the world of the Carin. Need some advise on feeding my 11 year old buddie OZ. I'm concern about protine and were it should come from at his age (animal or veg is my concern or the combo of the two). He was on Blue Bufalo. He has been ill, diagnost with aniemia. His blood count so low he needed a blood transfusion (almost lost him). Prior he just was not himself. Knew he had to go in to the vet when he did not eat for two days. All the drugs, had to make a spread sheet to keep tract of times and doses. He was to weak to do any stairs and does not want to go out as much as he use to ( we used the code W for going on a walk because he would flip out if you said the word and he did not get to go out). This all started on X-mas eve (the vet is not the place you want to be on that night). He is on the mend and hope to have him of the meds in a few weeks. I have read so many books and articals that my head spins sometimes. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! PS Sorry about the spelling(can not find spell check).
  6. I have a question about transitioning a puppy to adult food. We switched Attila to his adult food right about when he was 1 year old. We heard and read that this is the standard thing to do at this age. I also read that some times vets recommend people start feeding adult food to puppies when they're are kind of getting on the plump side. Tessa is about 3 months away from being a year old and she is definitely not a skinny dog. Attila was at her age and I would consider him quite lean still today. Tessa eats everything and anything and she is definitely heavier than I would like her to be. I think some cairns are thick bodied, and she seems to be this way. Do you guys think we could start transitioning her over to adult food? Or what are the guidelines for doing this early? She likes stealing Attila's food when she gets a chance.
  7. Do you serve canned or dry? Over the past few years, I've encountered vets, dog owners etc, who advocate the benefits of canned food over dry kibble. Admittedly, dry food is more convenient and much less costly. But in terms of nutritional benefits, lack of heavy processing, and use of less additives and preservatives, canned seems to be superior. Advocates of canned food also maintain that the "teeth cleaning" benefits of dry kibble is overstated; in reality, dogs tend to gobble down kibble without much chewing because the shape of dogs' teeth is primarily for grabbing and tearing at food. The few molars they have aren't very efficient at chewing food the way we do. Ruffy has had some chronic digestive issues that I've written about before. We've switched vets and foods a number of times. Recently, I've begun transitioning him from a dry to a canned food diet, supplementing it with omega-3 fish oil, pro-biotic digestive enzymes, bones, etc. Food is a frequent topic here and I've gotten good info on this forum, but what works for some doesn't always work for others, so I'm still trying to find my way. I'd really appreciate knowing how others feel re this question of canned vs. dry.
  8. KShep

    Buying Dog Food Online

    Do any of you do automatic ordering or order dog food online at all? I'm looking for a reputable site in order to save time and money. I've also been researching Dog Food Advisor and have decided to switch Ripley from Nutro Natural Choice to Solid Gold Wee Bit . Does anyone use this? It's in the same price range, but Dog Food Advisor gave it 4 stars as opposed to Nutro's 3 stars.


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