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Found 4 results

  1. Another lovely article about obedience. The View from the Back of the Pack: Thomas Goes to the NOC. I'm sometimes confused to find myself tearing up a bit watching obedience and Judith's articles go a long way to helping me understand why that might be.
  2. Tess Case

    Tess Case's Test Case Test Post

    Gosh, I hope you didn't expect much from a test post.
  3. bradl

    New CairnTalk Feature: Blogs

    Sometimes as a community we have ideas and stories to share that may be better suited to a personal blog than a discussion forum post. Often a sign of such a post is when it's largely self-contained; while enhanced by comments blog posts don't typically require them to stand alone. Blog posts are often more about wanting (or needing) to express something than about facilitating a discussion, asking or answering a question, or reaching a conclusion. Yet they are often intensely interesting and valuable to the community. Status updates are bit this way, but a blog post can be much longer, and sometimes with pictures Another reason I'm going to open this blog feature for a while is because I know that while independent blogs are relatively easy to set up these days not everyone is able or interested in doing so. But so many people have interesting things to say that I'd like to make it easier for any Cairn lover to have their own little soapbox, however modest it may be. And a final reason is to offer a little something extra that can be unique for CairnTalk sponsors, the folks who help me pay the monthly bill for keeping this lovely place afloat. I have paid it gladly in the past and will continue for the foreseeable future -- with or without help -- but I am so very grateful that people feel that CairnTalk is worth enough to them personally to contribute to its ongoing maintenance. Since I believe the forum should remain as free as possible, rather than change anything about the forum itself, I thought maybe adding an extra feature for forum subscribers would be a way to say thanks. Blog Permissions Who can read Blogs? Everyone - including unregistered guests, visitors, and search engines (provided the blog owner has enabled guest viewing of their blog). Who can comment on Blogs? CairnTalk members (provided the blog owner has enabled comments on their blog). Commenting is limited to members to reduce spam headaches. Who can create Blogs? CairnTalk subscribers. Creating a Blog If you have permission to create a blog, you will see a button on the Blog listing page. Click the button to get started. No really, click it - I want to read your blog If you have questions, please open a forum support topic so that we can learn together how this feature works. I admit right up front that this is a new feature for me too, so we'll be learning how this works alongside each other. In particular, there are lot of new settings and permissions and it may take me a while to get them sorted out and set correctly so that things work more or less as intended. In the meantime, let's be patient and forgiving I'll be interested to see how this experiment goes!
  4. Well-written performance-oriented dog-blog featuring a Cairn Terrier. Five Stations of the Dog. As soon as I started reading the articles I realized that Thomas and his thoughtful handler have graced our specialty obedience ring before ... and I believe are entered again this year. You can bet we'll all be cheering them on!


A meeting place and online scrapbook for Cairn Terrier fanciers.


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