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Stores Closing

Malcolm's Dad



I was at the mall today, Ford City Mall in Chicago. I was surprised at the number of stores that have closed. One jewelry store and three clothing stores have closed. There are no coming soon signs in the windows. Some of the kiosks are gone. One sold perfumes you put in a steaming pot. Another was a massage booth where you laid on a table and got a deep massage. Two stores in the food court are empty.

On the west side of the mall across the street was a Sports Authority that closed last summer. South of the mall a Kmart closed last month. Down the block at the main street a JJ Fish shop has not been open for a week. I haven't seen the pizza shop next store open either.

The southwest side had been a middle class community with a good economy. Now it is going downhill. A Nabisco factory 6 blocks from my home that made Oreos has been moved to Mexico. A friends mom used to work there. Now she is out of a job. Makes me wonder if people have no job and no money to spend is causing all these shops to close.

Hope things are good by you, they are not good by me.



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This has been happening along many of the avenues here in NYC for a number of years now. More and more store closings, and the vacancies seem to have become permanent or semi-permanent. Retailing has never rebounded after the downturn 8-9 years ago. It finally got the attention of the New York Times in a report  last week. Mom-and-Pop stores that have been neighborhood fixtures for generations are gone, (including pet-supply stores I used to shop in), due to high taxes and sky-rocketing rents. Online shopping is also part of the reason for the closings, which represent huge job losses as well. 

This changes the character of these neighborhoods... Ditto for the communities you describe in your blog.

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Lynn in TN


Clothing stores are the biggest thing hit in my area. They will continue to close too, until they quit selling these horrible fashions. Most of us, in our area, are conservative in dress and refuse to pay for this clothing that is see through, low cut, hate the necklines. I actually could buy clothing. I will not be buying what they are offering. It's insane that you have to buy 3 shirts to cover yourself. I won't be jumping on that band wagon. I refuse to pay $20 or more for a shirt that you can see through. I hear women and even teenage girls complaining about the clothes being ill fitting, see through, you can't find natural fibers any more. Whats on the racks looks dirty and grungy, it comes apart after the first wash or holes appear. Sizes are a joke for women. I am 5'3 weigh 115 pounds and depending on what I buy or someone else, my size runs anywhere from a size 2 to 3x. That's not a joke. A friend of mine ordered a shirt that is 3x and with a slight alteration it will fit me perfectly. 

Jobs have started coming back to our area, slowly. We have money in our pocket again, but nothing in the stores worth buying. 

I have noticed that mens clothing is starting to take a hit in this department is well. A lot of the jeans are getting thinner and thinner.

We still have a few Mom and Pop stores and eating places in our area, but our minimum wage is still $7.25. When it went up to $7.25 we lost about half of them, they couldn't compete with the chain stores.

We stopped buying Oreo's at my house when they moved to Mexico. 

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